It’s not easy for anyone right now we’ve heard that line a lot over the last few months. As shops slowly start to re-open the bigger challenge is for destinations like our client the Isle of Man to convince people to get on a plane or boat and take a break with them. People will be itching to get away but at the same time nervous about where they go and stay. Research is showing that staycations are going to be in high demand and everyone from Devon to Scotland is getting ready to scream pick me. We needed to help the Isle of Man get back in touch with their audience just to remind them they are still here
Key Takeaways:   Research & Insights   Behaviour Changes & Audience Audit   Short Term Planning, Creativity & Keeping your audience Informed   In Practice: Focus Case Study – Bliss Hotel Group   Consumer needs and behaviours are constantly changing, with new trends, emails and reports emerging daily, what’s clear is that there’s no new normal, we’re seeing a mix of needs and emotions. What’s important right now, is that brands need to talk to and respect their audiences whilst being transparent about where your brand is up to. The top highlights from our research and analysis include:    Boom  Of  The  Bucket  List - 57%  of Brits are creating bucket lists containing 25 experiences they want to over a 7 year period!   Softly,  Softly,  Catchee  Monkey - 4% increase  of  those wh o say they will plan a UK holiday in the next 1-3 months with lead time  also  decreasing.    Ramping  Up For  Visitor  Attractions – Following the
Keeping a client’s online presence alive during a pandemic is something all of us have not done before. When one of our client’s that is a luxury hotel asked us what we could do to keep them visible to the public despite being closed. We jumped head first into uncharted waters, but creatively we worked with it rather than around it. With Bliss Hotel’s we had a unique little character that works there. She became the voice of the hotel. Betty Bliss Bot, a room service robot that delivers to your room. We decided to bring Betty back to life (literally she needed charging) and had her report on her adventures whilst in an empty hotel. “I always look forward
Key Takeaways: Insights Media Types & Changing Behaviours Stay at Home Entertainment Virtual Reality Whilst we could have foreseen the world-wide impact COVID-19 would have both short and long term (although The Simpsons creators and some conspiracy theorists might say otherwise) – around the world people, businesses and brands are grappling with a curveball that no one expected.   Most industries have been impacted, facing reduced budgets, fewer colleagues to collaborate with, displaced spend and pressure to figure out how best to communicate with their customers, whilst still providing value. As a result of the outbreak, 15% of consumers in the UK and US are using social media to read more updates from brands with higher rates of media consumption as people spend time at home and are able to watch different forms of content via numerous platforms. But what
Key Takeaways: Staying Creative Photographer Viewpoint Creative Director Viewpoint Copywriter Viewpoint With big brands jumping on the COVID-19 bandwagon to rapturous applause from the Ad Land, Burger King changed to the ‘Stay Home Of The Whopper’ and McDonald’s separated their famous golden arches, but is it enough? What inspired us more was the rallying cry from Outdoor brands such as Arc’teryx, producing their Arc’One prototype surgical gowns and the hotel chains that donated unoccupied rooms for frontline workers. And whilst we are humbled by the key workers and forever in their debt, we the creatives can still play our part. As natural-born problem solvers, our clients invest in our imagination and although COVID-19 is a different proposition altogether, brands still need building. It’s