Key Takeaways: xxx Whilst we could have foreseen the world-wide impact COVID-19 would have both short and long term (although The Simpsons creators and some conspiracy theorists might say otherwise) – around the world people, businesses and brands are grappling with a curveball that no one expected.   Most industries have been impacted, facing reduced budgets, fewer colleagues to collaborate with, displaced spend and pressure to figure out how best to communicate with their customers, whilst still providing value. As a result of the outbreak, 15% of consumers in the UK and US are using social media to read more updates from brands with higher rates of media consumption as people spend time at home and are able to watch different forms of content via numerous platforms. But what exactly are people doing and how are they staying informed? Alongside
Key Takeaways: xxx With big brands jumping on the COVID-19 bandwagon to rapturous applause from the Ad Land, Burger King changed to the ‘Stay Home Of The Whopper’ and McDonald’s separated their famous golden arches, but is it enough? What inspired us more was the rallying cry from Outdoor brands such as Arc’teryx, producing their Arc’One prototype surgical gowns and the hotel chains that donated unoccupied rooms for frontline workers. And whilst we are humbled by the key workers and forever in their debt, we the creatives can still play our part. As natural-born problem solvers, our clients invest in our imagination and although COVID-19 is a different proposition altogether, brands still need building. It’s thinking differently about what you create; are words
Key Takeaways: xxx We are all adjusting to our new realities, social meet ups might be out, digital hang outs are in and as the Easter holidays begin, we’ve come together for what feels like the world’s largest experiment of a #StayHomeCation.  There is no doubt about it Brits love to travel, and like a coiled spring, to cure that wanderlust UK consumers are beginning to plan for ‘the day after’ bounce back.  According to BVA BDRC’s 2ndweek of tracking consumers, many now have a clear idea of when they will book that holiday, flights, hotel rooms, and days out. And as less people are referring to 6 month plus or unknown, many are looking to book in the next 1 to 3 months. This is mirrored in the
We kicked off this the year guest speaking at MMU’s  The Institute of Travel and Tourism ‘Future You’ event, joined by the next generation of tourism cohorts, I was sharing my (nearly) 30 years in travel and tourism which started with an NVQ  and like many I worked in a hotel as well as having bar and retail jobs to earn my keep. 

I loved connecting with people, making their experience a little brighter and I was lucky enough to combine my love for this and with marketing to do what I think is one of the best jobs in the world. Sure, it throws a few curve balls now and again but that’s what makes it interesting! Being honest though I thought I
At Vivid we are in conversation with the IPA and the ITT and undertaking UKGov surveys to ensure that we can offer all our clients the very best advice. For now, we have to accept its going to be a #homecation for us and for all. Be inspired, ready for the world to open up again and create your own holidays at home! “For The Love of Travel” was born out of Vivid’s  passion for Tourism. Vivid is an award-winning travel marketing agency. We are a team of strategists, creatives and content makers who showcase the destinations and attractions to the world.” Take care, stay safe.