In a global moment that feels uncharted and unfamiliar, people are turning to online video to adapt, cope, and find community. At Vivid, our focus is on creating meaningful brands, experiences and content for brand. Through our partnerships and advisors, providing us with a bigger picture view of the shift in consumer behaviour and media consumption, we’re able to review them and see how this is affecting trends. We’ve explored how media consumption is evolving across the UK. Keep those eyes reading this email to see how trends are shifting, offering the latest insights into what’s happening with our ears open: Different Networks Require Different Size – Ensure your aspect ratio fits your platform, whether this is square (for Facebook/Instagram 1:1),
Most people (96%) say brands should continue to advertise during the COVID-19, but they also say marketers should review their content and the platforms their using to address the situation, however the question still remains, how have digital trends for 2020 been impacted by this curveball as we’re forced us to innovate and change the way we work and live. To bring you up to speed, we’ve summarised the  key trends and how they’ve been affected… A knight in shining armour? – Let’s get Flexible With 21% of travel marketers setting aside more ad budget for testing and innovation, many are keeping an eye on emerging channels and technology advances to see where they should invest next. So, what will disrupt marketing and where should you be looking to invest over the next couple of years? 
Gone are the familiar routes to work, the queues in coffee shops, creative clouds and group discussions along with the collaborations that forms part of daily studio routines, replaced by the prospect of staying indoors for the foreseeable future. Even for designers, like myself, the future feels intimidating especially in trying to keep the creative juices flowing. Having to work remotely doesn’t mean creativity has to suffer, with technology such as Zoom and Teams we’re still able to collaborate and keep ideas bouncing – even with distance between us. Just as we’ve learnt we can’t fight the pandemic alone, we need to share our knowledge so below we’ve gathered a couple of challenges on how to do just that for those days when a scroll through Instagram with your morning coffee doesn’t quite hit the mark (hint:
Key Takeaways:   Top tips & how to manoeuvre through  Content – Re-purpose, re-engage & being meaningful  Short and Long term   The coronavirus crisis will test us all, but marketers need to think long-term and keep building their brands, protecting their staff and honouring their values. Whilst a national health crisis and pandemic is not an opportunity, it does offer the time to reassess, to focus and adjust. Brands need a proactive plan to adjust and adapt how they lead their teams, speak to their customers, and manage their perceptions.   We, as a creative marketing agency, just as our clients have been hit hard, but with the support of our clients and by supporting them, we are committed to manoeuvring through, here are our top tips on how
Day  52 and even we  must  admit  that  we’re suffering from COVID-19 Fatigue a little, some of us even want to ban the word or have a new term coined. Confusing messages followed by an onslaught of memes seems to be the general routine post announcement, it really isn’t surprising that the idea of meeting people or visiting places in the future (2m away of course) can be a little daunting for consumers, both now and potentially in the coming weeks and months. People are increasingly looking to connect with the real world via a virtual one and are looking to destinations to be there tour guides and politely requesting that visitors visit later instead. This can be seen in the latest insights into media consumption, with Podcast listening down from 17% to 6% and Radio listenership up. So, here’s how