Key Takeaways:  6 Golden insights on how to create successful and memorable campaigns Targeting your audience effectively Budget for a reason …And just when we thought there was a glimmer of hope and a kind of newish norm being restored or formed, wallop we’re hit for six, with the all new ‘Rule of Six’! Moving into the new millennium of 2000, things were all to similar back then, we all lived in fear of the millennium bug, so, just like now with the new rule of 6 today, what will be next?
Vision The districts of Craven and South Lakeland have 44% fewer 16 – 34 year olds than the national average – that’s a shortfall of 10,000 young people. Our client Great Place: Lakes and Dales are one of 16 pilot projects in England funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, whose purpose is to understand the reasons behind this and seek to address them.  Without more diverse and dynamic individuals living there, the culture and economy has no future. Putting arts and culture at the core, we created a campaign
Key Takeaways: Extending the Season Understanding consumer behaviour Keep your content updated As industries and society now look to rebuild and re-emerge from the crisis, C-19 has managed to do something many advertisers wish they could, change behaviours. Maslow famously articulated human needs as a hierarchy, at the base sits our physiological needs, safety & security, belonging, esteem with self-actualisation at the top. Any time there is a crisis or disruption in our lives, we revisit our basic needs, with these changes to consumer habits, needs, concerns and demands, it’s imperative that you continue to pay close attention
Key Takeaways : Adapting to the new “normal” Being Flexible How to thrive With people still unsure about travelling and booking hotels alongside growing anxieties over a potential second wave, many are still uncertain of what is going to happen meaning they still aren’t confident enough to book. Now is the time to think about 2021…  everyone is hoping for “normality” by next year or the chance to be able to getaway. Your brand will need to adapt to the new normal and deliver personalised experiences as customers will need and expect this.  Once restrictions have been lifted across the world you
Key Takeaways: How to Cater for all Staying connected Whilst confidence in visiting attractions is at its highest point with 35% feeling happy to visit by the end of August), the mood of the nation remains fairly static though at 6.7. Fears about a second wave is creeping up on social media, with conversations focusing on ‘should I stay in, or should I go out‘ being driven by current events and concern about how other people are following protection guidance. Predicting consumer behaviour has never been easy and it will only continue to be predictably
Key Takeaways:   Listening to your audience  Get on your customers bucket list  Keeping everyone entertained  Stay Updated  It’s clear that there is no new normal anymore, we’re seeing a mix of emotions with consumer needs and behaviours constantly changing. It is important that brands need to talk to and respect their audiences whilst being transparent.    The top highlights from our research & anaylsis include:   Boom Of the Bucket List – 57% of Brits are creating bucket lists containing 25 experiences they want to over a 7 year period!   Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey
With people not expecting things to return to some type of normality by 2021, no wonder there has been no shift in the mood of the nation. With conversations shifting to UK holidays like lodges and UK spa resorts but shifting away from caravans and camping. As the UK slowly starts to re-open it is important to align your marketing and revenue management strategy.    The Top highlights from our research and analysis include:   Visitor Intention Lead Times – Decrease in lead times for going to a visitor attraction has
  Key Takeaways:   Boosting drivers to implement to remove travel barriers Promoting your brand with face masks Thinking outside the box   This weekend saw precious freedoms restored, as Independence Day began where drinks could be poured and enjoyed in a different setting. With the world slightly opening and cinemas would once begin to roll and now barbers and hairdressers, it was a test of sorts for the public, one that we passed!   This also signified a lifeline for the tourism and hospitality industry and as a potential restart to the economy! This will create new challenges in
In a global moment that feels uncharted and unfamiliar, people are turning to online video to adapt, cope, and find community. At Vivid, our focus is on creating meaningful brands, experiences and content for brand. Through our partnerships and advisors, providing us with a bigger picture view of the shift in consumer behaviour and media consumption, we’re able to review them and see how this is affecting trends. We’ve explored how media consumption is evolving across the UK. Keep those eyes reading this email to see how trends are shifting, offering
Most people (96%) say brands should continue to advertise during the COVID-19, but they also say marketers should review their content and the platforms their using to address the situation, however the question still remains, how have digital trends for 2020 been impacted by this curveball as we’re forced us to innovate and change the way we work and live. To bring you up to speed, we’ve summarised the  key trends and how they’ve been affected… A knight in shining armour? – Let’s get Flexible With 21% of travel marketers setting aside more ad budget for testing and innovation, many are keeping
Gone are the familiar routes to work, the queues in coffee shops, creative clouds and group discussions along with the collaborations that forms part of daily studio routines, replaced by the prospect of staying indoors for the foreseeable future. Even for designers, like myself, the future feels intimidating especially in trying to keep the creative juices flowing. Having to work remotely doesn’t mean creativity has to suffer, with technology such as Zoom and Teams we’re still able to collaborate and keep ideas bouncing – even with distance between us. Just as we’ve learnt we can’t fight the pandemic alone, we need to
Key Takeaways:   Top tips & how to manoeuvre through  Content – Re-purpose, re-engage & being meaningful  Short and Long term   The coronavirus crisis will test us all, but marketers need to think long-term and keep building their brands, protecting their staff and honouring their values. Whilst a national health crisis and pandemic is not an opportunity, it does offer the time to reassess, to focus and adjust. Brands need a proactive plan to adjust and adapt how they lead their teams, speak to their customers, and manage their perceptions.   We, as a creative marketing agency, just
Day  52 and even we  must  admit  that  we’re suffering from COVID-19 Fatigue a little, some of us even want to ban the word or have a new term coined. Confusing messages followed by an onslaught of memes seems to be the general routine post announcement, it really isn’t surprising that the idea of meeting people or visiting places in the future (2m away of course) can be a little daunting for consumers, both now and potentially in the coming weeks and months. People are increasingly looking to connect with the real world via a virtual one and are looking to destinations
Key Takeaways: Recognise the different generations & cohorts Be useful, join and respect the new customers Don’t overlook the basics Employ Innovative strategies & agile ideas Brands cannot remain ‘on pause’ indefinitely and victory depends on your ability to connect with your audiences, which goes far beyond passive updates on social pages and the application of social distancing graphics. It’s time for a new vision along with more agile ideas. According BVA BDRC most recent tracking survey whilst the average mood of the nation remains static this week at 6.7, with little change in the last month, new government guidance means that the proportion of consumers anticipating simple pleasures of a visit to a country park or scenic area
Key Takeaways:  Research & Insights  Visitor Intention & Booking Phases   UK & Overseas Holidays  In Practice: Focus Case Study – Isle of Man    As the  UK slowly starts to re-open and we prepare for travel demand to build, it is important to align your marketing and revenue management strategy, prepare your website, and determine a month-to-month marketing plan that progressively builds with the rise in travel demand over time. The top highlights from our research and analysis include:  Visitor intention lead times – With people increasingly looking at their online content, the lead limes for visitor attraction
Vision To create a series of Safe Distancing Vinyls for the Borough of Sefton, in the primary areas of Waterloo, Formby & Crosby, working with Visit Southport and the Regeneration Team at Sefton Council.  Ideas In true Vivid style we didn’t just want to create the Vinyls with safety messaging, so our designs were inspired by the region and specific locations themselves. We mapped out trails for each area incorporating the history, factoids and places of interests, so each vinyl served up a slice of engaging information for residents and visitors. We added distance marker icons synonymous
Vision As Britain slowly start to re-open and the expectation of at least some parts of the hospitality industry re-opening soon, there seems to be a move towards some form of normality.   To prepare for recovery, we needed to ground the Isle of Man in what people are feeling, and identify their functional and emotional needs by looking at adapting the current comms strategy, more specifically thinking about the actions, messages and sentiment as well as helping our followers find a connection.   To get the Isle of Man back
Key Takeaways:   Research & Insights   Behaviour Changes & Audience Audit   Short Term Planning, Creativity & Keeping your audience Informed   In Practice: Focus Case Study – Bliss Hotel Group   Consumer needs and behaviours are constantly changing, with new trends, emails and reports emerging daily, what’s clear is that there’s no new normal, we’re seeing a mix of needs and emotions. What’s important right now, is that brands need to talk to and respect their audiences whilst being transparent about where your brand is up to. The top highlights from our research and analysis include:    Boom  Of  The  Bucket  List - 57%  of Brits are creating bucket lists containing 25
Keeping a client’s online presence alive during a pandemic is something all of us have not done before. When one of our client’s that is a luxury hotel asked us what we could do to keep them visible to the public despite being closed. We jumped head first into uncharted waters, but creatively we worked with it rather than around it. With Bliss Hotel’s we had a unique little character that works there. She became the voice of the hotel. Betty Bliss Bot, a room service robot that delivers to
Key Takeaways: Insights Media Types & Changing Behaviours Stay at Home Entertainment Virtual Reality Whilst we could have foreseen the world-wide impact COVID-19 would have both short and long term (although The Simpsons creators and some conspiracy theorists might say otherwise) – around the world people, businesses and brands are grappling with a curveball that no one expected.   Most industries have been impacted, facing reduced budgets, fewer colleagues to collaborate with, displaced spend and pressure to figure out how best to communicate with their customers, whilst still providing value. As a result of the outbreak, 15% of consumers in the UK and US are using social media to
Key Takeaways: Staying Creative Photographer Viewpoint Creative Director Viewpoint Copywriter Viewpoint With big brands jumping on the COVID-19 bandwagon to rapturous applause from the Ad Land, Burger King changed to the ‘Stay Home Of The Whopper’ and McDonald’s separated their famous golden arches, but is it enough? What inspired us more was the rallying cry from Outdoor brands such as Arc’teryx, producing their Arc’One prototype surgical gowns and the hotel chains that donated unoccupied rooms for frontline workers. And whilst we are humbled by the key workers and forever in their debt,
Key Takeaways: xxx We are all adjusting to our new realities, social meet ups might be out, digital hang outs are in and as the Easter holidays begin, we’ve come together for what feels like the world’s largest experiment of a #StayHomeCation.  There is no doubt about it Brits love to travel, and like a coiled spring, to cure that wanderlust UK consumers are beginning to plan for ‘the day after’ bounce back.  According to BVA BDRC’s 2ndweek of tracking consumers, many now have a clear idea of when they will book that holiday, flights, hotel rooms, and days
We kicked off this the year guest speaking at MMU’s  The Institute of Travel and Tourism ‘Future You’ event, joined by the next generation of tourism cohorts, I was sharing my (nearly) 30 years in travel and tourism which started with an NVQ  and like many I worked in a hotel as well as having bar and retail jobs to earn my keep. 

I loved connecting with people, making their experience a little brighter and I was lucky enough to combine my love for this and with marketing to do what I think
At Vivid we are in conversation with the IPA and the ITT and undertaking UKGov surveys to ensure that we can offer all our clients the very best advice. For now, we have to accept its going to be a #homecation for us and for all. Be inspired, ready for the world to open up again and create your own holidays at home! “For The Love of Travel” was born out of Vivid’s  passion for Tourism. Vivid is an award-winning travel marketing agency. We are a team of strategists, creatives and content makers who showcase the destinations and attractions