Key Takeaways: 

  • 6 Golden insights on how to create successful and memorable campaigns
  • Targeting your audience effectively
  • Budget for a reason

…And just when we thought there was a glimmer of hope and a kind of newish norm being restored or formed, wallop we’re hit for six, with the all new ‘Rule of Six’!

Moving into the new millennium of 2000, things were all to similar back then, we all lived in fear of the millennium bug, so, just like now with the new rule of 6 today, what will be next? How do we continue to drive our businesses and the industry forward? Quite simply by creating our own rules, so, here’s our 6 Golden ones (With a few valuable insights from our industry friends) to help you create successful and memorable campaigns:

1. Strip It Back 

Start with and stick to your single minded proposition, as we say it your Vision, there’s only so much room in people’s heads, so be brave and commit to the one thing that will communicate and rise above the clutter, because all you need is that one big idea!

2. Be All Ears

Target your audience effectively, if you don’t get under the skin of your audience, you’ll never know how they consume media, their purchase habits and how loyal they can be to your brand.

3. Tell The Truth

You can never argue with the facts, whether you’re selling a product or destination be mindful of your messaging and your visual approach, it’s too easy for consumers to uncover everything, warts & all, with review sites such as Tripadvisor & Trust Pilot, not to mention social media, the consumer has the powerand the platforms to make or break your brand.

4. There’s a budget for a reason

Gone are the days of big budget advertising, as we know ad spend has been cut dramatically during the pandemic. Now more than ever we have to be frugal to find solutions for our clients, it’s up to us as creative thinkers to conceive campaign solutions that don’t break the bank and to find the most effective way to bring your Ideas to life. Empower your clients to be creative, build brand toolkits for continuity with future campaigns and educate them on how with your guidance they may be able to capture their own content. Remember it’s not your money your spending, it’s your clients, so don’t outspend, out-think! 

5. Aim to solve the Business Problem

Sounds obvious, right? But, it’s easily forgotten, behind every brief there’s a primary need to discover what the business is lacking. Make what you’re selling the hero, many campaigns lose the core essence of a brand or business by over producing and mixed messages, without communicated the basics.

6. Create a Killer CTA

And finally, also critically, what good is a campaignwithout a clear call to action?  Your advertising is useless without one, it’s what will drive results or in Vivid speak your Victories, be it footfall or bed occupancy, make it clear, no matter what media your using! Be adaptable through native and programmatic advertising, we now have the power to be more direct and drive traffic to increase effectiveness, each campaign you create should have a set goal and deliver ROI for clients.

Team Vivid x