Key Takeaways:

  • How to Cater for all
  • Staying connected

Whilst confidence in visiting attractions is at its highest point with 35% feeling happy to visit by the end of August), the mood of the nation remains fairly static though at 6.7. Fears about a second wave is creeping up on social media, with conversations focusing on ‘should I stay in, or should I go out‘ being driven by current events and concern about how other people are following protection guidance.

Predicting consumer behaviour has never been easy and it will only continue to be predictably unpredictable, so how do you create an emotional connection with those who are ready to visit, those who aren’t ready and those who can’t visit (if you’ve made the decision to keep your doors closed for now) to ensure brand loyalty and longevity…

Vision – The top highlights from our research and analysis include:

Divided Nation- At the end of the hard lockdown 1 in 3 felt the worst had passed, now 42% think this, 40% think things are going to stay the same and only 18% think the worst has passed.

In or Out –  Lead time for going to a shop (2months), restaurant (2.2months), cinema (3.8months) or gym (2.9months) has shortened.

Shopaholic Brits – Going on a shopping trip / to a shopping mall is the top activity for its recovery with 35% planning to go by the end of July.

Late Summer Staycations – 37% of Brits are planning on booking a UK holiday by September 2020 peaked last week, but the figures have held up for bookings to be made in July and August.

Ideas Things you can implement include:

Ready when you are –  It is important to cater for all your customers, even if it means having a slither of the experience in their own home. Just some of the solutions we’ve implemented on behalf of our clients includes reassuring consumers to get them to step outside of their home to try this brave new world with walkthrough video and 360-degree tours. For those that are ready we’ve helped implement social distancing markers, updated comms and content as well as branded face masks. As with any changes to our lifestyles and major impacts in business, the world has moved on – and with it, consumers’ wants and needs.

Team Vivid x