Key Takeaways:

  • Extending the Season
  • Understanding consumer behaviour
  • Keep your content updated

As industries and society now look to rebuild and re-emerge from the crisis, C-19 has managed to do something many advertisers wish they could, change behaviours. Maslow famously articulated human needs as a hierarchy, at the base sits our physiological needs, safety & security, belonging, esteem with self-actualisation at the top. Any time there is a crisis or disruption in our lives, we revisit our basic needs, with these changes to consumer habits, needs, concerns and demands, it’s imperative that you continue to pay close attention to these shifts to stay relevant and maintain trust in today’s challenging environment.

How you engage with consumer will change too, brands need to enable their customers tointeract digitally, whether it be through digital kiosks, mobile apps, or biometric data, what you need is a creative overhaul that creates new revenue opportunities to offset reduced footfall and purchasing. Brands which sell products in these categories may consider offering discounts for existing products and adjusting their pricing strategies in the future

Vision – The top highlights from our research and analysis include:

  • Confidence in overseas holiday has dropped and with those intending to go away before December 2020 decreasing to 12%. 

  • The intention to visit a restaurant by the end of August has seen a massive increase by 66%, this is likely due to the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme.
  •  30% of Brits have been on a shopping trip since being allowed to do so.This might be due to consumer confidence with face masks being compulsory in shops.

Ideas  Things you can implement include:

How to extend the season –  Most Brits won’t be ready to book a holiday until April next year, start thinking about your Summer campaigns for 2021. Extend the season to give people the chance to have a holiday, and reducing seasonality of the tourism sector will be vital both this year and in 2021, remember to be flexible too. 

New World Order –  To understand consumer behaviour, track the trends both during and after the pandemic, monitor social mentions and conduct market research (e.g. survey) to listen to the voice of customers (VOC) to better understand customers’ needs and concerns, this will enable you to adjust your 4Ps to better serve your customers, need an ear to the ground or help re-adjusting your p’s?
Destination is Key–  Since the world has re-opened again, destination websites and apps have
become highly popular, such as ‘Google Maps’. Used as a source of information, from safety messages to what’s open. It is important to keep your content updated on a weekly basis.

Team Vivid x