Key Takeaways :

  • Adapting to the new “normal”
  • Being Flexible
  • How to thrive

With people still unsure about travelling and booking hotels alongside growing anxieties over a potential second wave, many are still uncertain of what is going to happen meaning they still aren’t confident enough to book. Now is the time to think about 2021…  everyone is hoping for “normality” by next year or the chance to be able to getaway. Your brand will need to adapt to the new normal and deliver personalised experiences as customers will need and expect this. 

Once restrictions have been lifted across the world you can expect a spike in demand as short-term planning will be on the up.

Vision – The top highlights from our research and analysis include:

Impending Second Wave –  With fears of second peak increasing week by week and with now 81% of Brits think it is likely to happen meaning people might be staying more than ever now.

Longer, Further, Slower –  Now only 18% intend to take their next overseas trip by the end of 2020, with 1% having taken the trip in July. This shows a clear drop in holiday demand, with Spain quarantine introduced this is likely to increase in the coming weeks.

Just One Night –  Just 8% of travel activists have booked hotel accommodation since the pandemic, compared to 45% who booked between January and March. With the intention to book in the short term is very unlikely there is going to be an increase in the proportion who anticipate booking a hotel before then end of 2020.

Ideas  Things you can implement include:

Bring It forward – Now is the time for you to get your customers to book, even if it is for next year. For those that are ready to book now offer them a free night stay if they book for one or two nights so they can make it into a short break or secure them now for next year with a price freeze for 2020 customers.

Let’s Get Flexible – Respond to customer needs and encourage two-way dialogue, ask customers to be flexible with you in terms of service changes but in return  – Offer free, changes and returns as customers are more likely to buy if they have the confidence that they can re-arrange, exchange or book for a future date if they still aren’t ready to go out.

Think Differently – Don’t rely on a Pre-COVID-19 plan. Lifting restrictions doesn’t mean pressing go on what was paused. Take part in one of our workshops which you can implement your ideas to help your brand kickstart your revenue. Look at what you can offer for your customers and re-package when everything has been lifted and make it an experience for your customers.


Team Vivid X