With people not expecting things to return to some type of normality by 2021, no wonder there has been no shift in the mood of the nation. With conversations shifting to UK holidays like lodges and UK spa resorts but shifting away from caravans and camping. As the UK slowly starts to re-open it is important to align your marketing and revenue management strategy. 


The Top highlights from our research and analysis include:  

  • Visitor Intention Lead Times – Decrease in lead times for going to a visitor attraction has dropped to 4.1 months with people increasingly looking at their online content . 
  • Booking Phases – Lead times for holidays in the UK have decreased with Planning(3.8 months), booking (4.4 months) and going (5.8 months)   
  • UK & Overseas Holidays – 50 % of Brits are missing their overseas and UK holidays – potential to convert to bookings and a rise in people considering alternatives like lodges and UK spa resorts, with preferences shifting away from caravans and camping. 


No destination is the same but you need to start ramping up marketing efforts and focus on brand awareness, fuelling new leads and conversions into booking funnel to reach people beginning to daydream about rebooking and planning vacations. 

The Creative  

You need to keep your messaging creative for your audience. If you are a restaurant you could use mannequins for empty seats or social distancing circles, or new delivery methods such as coffee shop delivering drinks via a toy train. It is important that you are getting into the customers mindest and make the experience memorable. 


The Website  

 You need to have a clear message with credible calls-to-action,  avoid covid-19 bingo. Remind customers there will be a future beyond and enable them to make plans for it by offering deals or being transparent about your booking policy. 


The experience  

With the nation having high-anxiety levels about purchase journeys for flights, accommodations, attractions. You need to let people build their own itinerary or bucket list and make cancellations easier or flexible. 



Team Vivid x