Key Takeaways:  

  • Listening to your audience 
  • Get on your customers bucket list 
  • Keeping everyone entertained 
  • Stay Updated 

It’s clear that there is no new normal anymore, we’re seeing a mix of emotions with consumer needs and behaviours constantly changing. It is important that brands need to talk to and respect their audiences whilst being transparent. 


The top highlights from our research & anaylsis include:  

  • Boom Of the Bucket List – 57% of Brits are creating bucket lists containing 25 experiences they want to over a 7 year period!  
  • Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey –  For the second week there’s been an 4% increase of those who say they will plan a UK holiday in the next 1-3 months with lead time also decreasing.   
  • Ramping Up For visitor Attractions –  Following the re-opening of the NT, RHS gardens and parkland sites this week, lead times have shortened, 27% intend to take a day out at an attraction within 3m.  
  • Sport & Entertainment’s Back En Vogue –  Conversations around sports and entertainment have positively increased, we’re starting to see short- term (1-4 m) activity planning.  
  • Wellness Welcome –  Plans for visiting gyms, non-essential shops and the cinema on the rise, with lead times shortening to an average of 4.2months, as the desire to return to everyday activities increases. 

3 things to get your plan COVID-19 proof:  

  Listen to your audience:  

 With people’s behaviours have changed throughout COVID-19, it is time to invest into your audience whether it is your own tracker or a focus group survey. You need to understand how your audience might have changed or look at utilising digital polls to understand how to get on consumers bucket list. 


Entertain your audience:  

With short-term planning on the increase, you need to make sure you are ready! It’s time to up your creative game and get on their bucket lists. If you don’t have your own zoom/teams background, why not? It’s good for your brand and to gift to customers to. 


Keep your audience informed:

Peopl are starting to explore, so update,update,update! It is important your customers know your opening hours, safety procedures and if delivery is available. This is crucial for your brand to recover x9 faster. 


Focus Case Study – Bliss Hotel Group – Click here to see how we’ve been helping Bliss, stay relevant during lockdown and securing bookings for the future. 


Team Vivid x