In a global moment that feels uncharted and unfamiliar, people are turning to online video to adapt, cope, and find community. At Vivid, our focus is on creating meaningful brands, experiences and content for brand.

Through our partnerships and advisors, providing us with a bigger picture view of the shift in consumer behaviour and media consumption, we’re able to review them and see how this is affecting trends.

We’ve explored how media consumption is evolving across the UK. Keep those eyes reading this email to see how trends are shifting, offering the latest insights into what’s happening with our ears open:

  1. Different Networks Require Different Size – Ensure your aspect ratio fits your platform, whether this is square (for Facebook/Instagram 1:1), horizontal (for YouTube 16:9) or vertical (for Instagram 9:16). The type, size and format of a video can impact the engagement rate.
  2. Plan for Sound On & Off – Sound off videos with closed captions tend to have higher rates of engagement, CTR and lead generation as users prefer watching videos without sound, especially when they are out in public or commuting. However, as less people are currently commuting plan for both.
  3. Tell Stories for Authentic Engagement -Content is consumed mostly on mobile or tablet devices, therefore consumers are becoming accustomed to watching vertical videos rather than horizontal. Videos formatted for stories create an authentic connection between a brand and the users watched in real time with ephemeral content being the most engaging especially Millennials.
  4. First Impressions Count– Video thumbnails and the initial 3 seconds of your video are the most crucial in creating an impact.
  5. The Long and Short of it- Shorter videos can be the most engaging but longer length videos are back on the rise especially as people find themselves with more time on their hands. Videos formatted for stories create an authentic connection between a brand and the users watched in real time with ephemeral content being the most engaging especially Millennials.
  6. Seek a Reaction – Just watching might not be enough. Give consumers something to do either during or after they’ve watched a video, just look at Black Mirror’s ‘Bandersnatch’.
  7. Substance Over Style – While the rise of cinemagraphs, 4K videos, hyper-lapse tools and high-speed cameras mean things look fancier than ever. There has been a move towards simpler produced and authentic productions and in the current landscape this is something that you might need to adapt to.
  8. Video SEO – Consider how SEO plays its part, the more information that can be put within the video, the easier it will be found and have a higher impact.
  9. Personalisation Is Key – People engage with brands that provide a highly personalised experience across the board at every touch-point, because you don’t want to receive the exact same thing as everyone else.
  10. Plan For Live Video – Algorithms are prioritising live videos at the top of newsfeeds. Live videos can produce 6x more interactions (likes, clicks, comments, emoticons) compared with standard posted videos.

Developing Video Content Trends 2020:

  • Going Over The Top – Some over-the-top (OTT) streaming services like Netflix and YouTube TV have become favourites and are reporting higher viewership during this time.
  • Time to Train – Picking up on the 2019 trend of websites such as Masterclass and Skillshare and all of the ‘how-to’ videos on services like YouTube,  as people have more time on their hands they’re looking to pick up new skills or learn about new things it also promotes active and collaborative learning for your community.
  • Hyper reality – Virtual reality and technology that makes people feel immersed is making its mark and couldn’t be more useful for those wanting to explore whilst people are indoors.

No-one knows exactly how the coronavirus outbreak will transpire over the next couple of days, weeks, months and possibly beyond this. We can’t disguise that the implications for the travel industry in the short and long term, but we can try to adapt and look at the opportunities. There’s no time like the present to start improving your video & content marketing…

Team Vivid x