Key Takeaways: 

  • Research & Insights 
  • Visitor Intention & Booking Phases  
  • UK & Overseas Holidays 
  • In Practice: Focus Case Study – Isle of Man  

 As the  UK slowly starts to re-open and we prepare for travel demand to build, it is important to align your marketing and revenue management strategy, prepare your website, and determine a month-to-month marketing plan that progressively builds with the rise in travel demand over time. The top highlights from our research and analysis include: 

  • Visitor intention lead times – With people increasingly looking at their online content, the lead limes for visitor attraction has decreased however there still is a concern. 
  • Booking Phases – Lead times for holidays in the UK have decreased with Planning (3.8 months), booking (4.4 months) and going (5.8 months)   
  • UK & Overseas holidays – 50% of brits are missing their overseas and UK holidays these could potentially be converted to bookings, however people are looking at alternatives. 

 It’s time to start ramping up marketing efforts and focusing on brand awareness, fuelling new leads into the booking funnel to reach people beginning to daydream about rebooking and planning vacations. Here is some Guidance: 

The Creative  Keep it creative! How you can adapt social distancing with the messaging and how you use the markers. For example, if you are a restaurant you could create social distancing circles, or new delivery methods such as coffee shop delivering drinks via a toy train, you can make it part of the experience. Be prepared by getting into the customers mindset and make the experience more memorable.  

 The Website – Make sure your website contains the right messaging which makes sense and empathizes with your customers’ needs which will humanise your brand and create a deeper emotion connection. Confirmation of accommodation opening dates, and examples of guests staying at them will likely push this intention upwards. 

 The experience  Share content of those who have travelled recently with tops and let people build their own itinerary or bucket list. Solutions and policies that provide choice and control will help build trust. 

 Focus Case Study – Since the start of the outbreak we’ve been helping our clients such as The Isle of Man to pivot where necessary in order to keep moving forward. 

 Team Vivid X