It’s not easy for anyone right now we’ve heard that line a lot over the last few months. As shops slowly start to re-open the bigger challenge is for destinations like our client the Isle of Man to convince people to get on a plane or boat and take a break with them.

People will be itching to get away but at the same time nervous about where they go and stay. Research is showing that staycations are going to be in high demand and everyone from Devon to Scotland is getting ready to scream pick me.

We needed to help the Isle of Man get back in touch with their audience just to remind them they are still here and will be ready to welcome them when it’s all calmed down.

Utilising the footage we created for The Extraordinary Story campaign (you can see below) which had fantastic results that the client wanted to tap back into and reconnect to the audience with.

The Results

50K view during the initial launch
11.5m Impressions
181% in instagram referrals
88% Increase in website views

From this footage, we created a series of short social films that captured the heritage, history, romance, and adventure of the island. The message is most importantly staying safe, and that the next chapter will begin again soon, with the encouragement to bookmark the Isle of Man website so that you can go back and book when the restrictions are lifted. 

The Results

Since the launch, on the 8th June, we’ve gathered the following results: 

788 Reactions, Comments & Shares
996 Post Clicks
1,978 Minutes Viewed

7,371 Unique Viewers
26,326 Reach
1,784 Engagements

‘We can’t wait to come across. Should have been over Easter but changed ferry booking to the end of Sept.’

Sarah Corlett Whitehouse

‘Love this special magical island, I’ve so many happy memories.’

Julie Armstrong

‘Can’t wait to come back & visit this beautiful place. If it’s not to be a short break in October it’ll have to be next year.’

John McLoughlin