Key Takeaways:  

  • Research & Insights  
  • Behaviour Changes & Audience Audit  
  • Short Term Planning, Creativity & Keeping your audience Informed  
  • In Practice: Focus Case Study – Bliss Hotel Group

Consumer needs and behaviours are constantly changing, with new trends, emails and reports emerging daily, what’s clear is that there’s no new normal, we’re seeing a mix of needs and emotions. What’s important right now, is that brands need to talk to and respect their audiences whilst being transparent about where your brand is up to. The top highlights from our research and analysis include: 


  • Boom Of  The  Bucket  List - 57%  of Brits are creating bucket lists containing 25 experiences they want to over a 7 year period!  
  • Softly,  Softly, Catchee  Monkey - 4% increase  of  those wh o say they will plan a UK holiday in the next 1-3 months with lead time  also  decreasing.   
  • Ramping  Up For  Visitor  Attractions –Following the opening of sights, lead times have shortened, 27% intend to take a day out on an attraction within 3m. 
  • Sport  &  Entertainment’s  Back  En  Vogue – As sports is starting again, we are starting to see a short-term (1-4 months) activity planning. 
  • Wellness Welcome – Lead times shortening to an average of 4.2 months, as the desire to return to everyday activities increase. 

3 Things to get your plan COVID-19 proof: 

 Listen to Your Audience- As we are manoeuvring through covid-19, people and their behaviours change constantly. So, invest time in doing an audience audit. As you need to understand your audience and how their outlook has changed but also look at your new audience.  As doing this it helps you to understand how to get on consumers bucket lists, now is also time to revisit that messaging matrix. 

 Entertain Your Audiences- As shops starting to re-open and sports back on the agenda, there is an increase in short term planning, so be ready! It’s time to up your creative game and re-purpose your content. 

 Keep your audience informed- Start updating! Brands were forgiven at the start of lockdown, but people are now starting to explore 

 Focus Case Study  – Bliss Hotel Group – Click here  to see how we’ve been helping Bliss, stay relevant during lockdown  and securing bookings for the future. 


Team Vivid X