Keeping a client’s online presence alive during a pandemic is something all of us have not done before. When one of our client’s that is a luxury hotel asked us what we could do to keep them visible to the public despite being closed. We jumped head first into uncharted waters, but creatively we worked with it rather than around it.

With Bliss Hotel’s we had a unique little character that works there. She became the voice of the hotel. Betty Bliss Bot, a room service robot that delivers to your room. We decided to bring Betty back to life (literally she needed charging) and had her report on her adventures whilst in an empty hotel.

“I always look forward to these posts like it’s the Christmas adverts.”

Trisha – Facebook

We got Betty getting busy and posting on social everyday from how to make the perfect bed, to arranging a competition for the name of an NHS cocktail she had come up with. From animations, photography, to film we created a story of this little robot running around the hotel getting up to all sorts.

This helped in keeping the hotel front of mind with people and despite the hotel being closed due to the pandemic we raised engagement and followers who had started to look forward to the daily posts.

One the first short films we created was Betty wandering the hotel to the song ‘All by myself’. Showcasing the unique interior of the hotel whilst keeping it lighthearted.

When the first announcement about lifting lockdown was announced there was a lot of confusion. Betty joined the conversation.

Covering Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin the imagery and messaging was tailored to suit the platform it was going on. A wide variety of topics were covered from things to do over the Bank Holiday, how to make the perfect bed, what books are worth reading, cleaning tips, and things to do when the weather is not so good. Betty even got involved in supporting Key Workers by running a nominate someone who deserves a Bliss Xperience (worth up to £250). Over the campaign we created two posts a day on all platforms which created great results.

Betty covered everything, from sleeping, bed making tips, what to do on a rainy day to creating a cocktail to raise money for the NHS.

Client Testimonial – Bliss Hotel 

Vivid have supported our business massively throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they have made a significant improvement in our social media content resulting in increased enquiries as well as leads this has enabled Bliss to keep in touch with our customers and most importantly informed. We would never have been able to achieve this ourselves.

Sales & Marketing Team @ Bliss Hotel.