Key Takeaways:

  • Staying Creative
  • Photographer Viewpoint
  • Creative Director Viewpoint
  • Copywriter Viewpoint

With big brands jumping on the COVID-19 bandwagon to rapturous applause from the Ad Land, Burger King changed to the ‘Stay Home Of The Whopper’ and McDonald’s separated their famous golden arches, but is it enough? What inspired us more was the rallying cry from Outdoor brands such as Arc’teryx, producing their Arc’One prototype surgical gowns and the hotel chains that donated unoccupied rooms for frontline workers.

And whilst we are humbled by the key workers and forever in their debt, we the creatives can still play our part. As natural-born problem solvers, our clients invest in our imagination and although COVID-19 is a different proposition altogether, brands still need building. It’s thinking differently about what you create; are words more powerful than imagery? Will archive footage replace production? Will moving image make way for motion graphics, can audio standalone without a visual and is it animation over live action?

Lights, camera, Pause –

Whilst productions may be put on pause, there’s still plenty of action to be had. Look how quickly Italy reacted, the country that has been hit so hard by the virus. Aspiring filmmaker Marco Caputo created the emotionally stirring #ProudToBeItalian film produced from his archive footage, showcasing the irresistible Italian landscapes & seascapes to the captivating soundtrack of Malika Ayane’s Volare. Use your medium to its full potential, make new project plans, delve deeper into the archives, adapt and discover new areas unexplored.

Every word you say, counts

With words, we inform and inspire, make people smile and fall in love, so, choose your words wisely. Headlines inevitably still have the impact, but in lockdown look beyond the social restraints of 140 characters, we now have more time to read, craft your copy accordingly. Grab your brief, jump on a Zoom call with a client and research, these armed with the right-side of your brain should suffice.

The speed of sound or sonic boom? 

With podcast listeners on the rise during the pandemic set at around 7.1 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts each week, clients need to find their voices through COVID-19 to build stronger communities. Keep it clear and concise, let the audience do some of the work, paint pictures with words, use your imagination, this escapism in words is now more important than ever.

So, what should agencies be doing to help? We’d say exactly the same as we do day in, day out – keeping brands safe, through shaping their vision, curating ideas and measuring victories!

Team Vivid x