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Posted on 6th December 2018 by Olivia

Continuing our creative collaboration with Vivid Visionaries, we invited Laura Platten a Paper Consultant from Antalis into our HQ!

As well as capturing Team Vivids interest, she satisfied our OCD needs (and causing our designers to fight over who gets to keep the paper samples), Laura talked us through current industry trends, what’s in high demand right now with consumers and up and coming NFC technology! With the festive season in full swing,  burgundy is the most popular choice for paper and funnily enough on a rainy day, bright colours seem to be the preferred choice. Maybe that’s why our Vivid pink is a Popset colour,

Wanting to uncover more, we asked her a few questions:

In a competitive market, what does Antalis offer that makes you stand out in a comparison to other suppliers and your competitors such as G F Smith?

In terms of pricing, we are more competitively priced compared to G F Smith. We also offer new colours that aren’t being offered elsewhere! We invest heavily in fresher palettes using colour agency forecasters, who predict the up and coming colour trends for the next three years. These will be the colours that are predicted to be fashionable and appear in places such as Vogue in the near future, so we like these to be constantly updated. Currently there is a lot of demand for corals and pastels, in which we offer a lot of range in.

Against the background of digitalisation and trends, what changes are most noticeable in the industry? How have you evolved/reacted to this? Has your focus shifted?

Over the past few years, some of the changes that have been noticed is the movement towards digital print and direct mail- but this also comes with a larger budget! However, we are finding that customers are still wanting something with print that you can keep on your coffee table, therefore there is still a growing demand of our products. Some other changes that have been noticed is the growing popularity for wedding stationary, where the use of translucent paper is very popular along with being used in books.

Has the gradual increase in online shopping habits and digital advertisements had an impact on your industry? Is there still as much demand for paper products?

We have found that despite the growing popularity in online shopping, consumers still want to reflect the sense of luxury within an ever-growing retail market. With clients such as John Lewis, Ted Baker, Burberry and Harrods, there is still a high demand for paper, with individuals focusing on creating a luxury feel within their packaging. For example, products with as Whisky and Gin bottles place a high value on the paper used for their packaging, as they want to present a premium feel within a competitive market. We supply the paper to make this packaging, however the client will make the packaging themselves.

Does societies increasing concerns for environmental conservation impact the everyday running of Antalis? How have you adapted to these consumer preferences?

We place a high value on the sustainability of our papers, offering 100% recyclable options such as Cyclis and Cacoon. There is a lot of demand for these products, especially over the last 2-3 weeks, as for many consumers this is a key concern- nearly all of the customers we have visited recently have asked us about the sustainable options available! As well as this, our customers are often very surprised at how reasonably priced these paper options are, making it a popular choice.

Do you find that demand for your products fluctuates depending on consumers disposable income level? How do you resolve this and make your product become a necessity for both agencies and single customers?

We find that demand for these products will always fluctuate, however we find that once the customer has some of our samples in their hand and can visually see and feel the paper, it’s usually quite an easy sell. We can send out A4 samples within 24 hours so we make it very easy for customers to get their hands on. We do this to grab the attention of customers and helps them visualise whether the paper choice is right for them.

We are also constantly asked about the origins of our paper, due to external influencers such as Brexit. 10% of our paper is made in Barcelona and that tends to be our darker colours, with the other 90% being produced here at Arjowiggins mill.

We loved having Laura at Vivid HQ and as well as helping the designers decorate their work space with some very pretty paper samples, we are very excited to present some options to our clients for future paper-based projects!

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