Vivid Visionaries- Animation: Kim Emson

Posted on 20th December 2018 by Olivia

Taking the title of our final Visionary of 2018, we welcomed animator Kim Emson into the Vivid HQ! Kim has the patience of a saint, an eye for detail and the power to bring ideas to life, key traits for all creative types! With our designers keen to develop their animation skills, Kim talked us through her background, past projects and even let us do some arts and crafts which is always a winner. Armed with a big box of plasticine and pipe cleaners, we were in creative heaven, Kim showed us the basics of how she created her stop animation films and even let us have a little go ourselves.

Interested in discovering more about Kim and animation, we asked her a few questions:

How do you decide whether a video youve completed on behalf of a client is a success or not?

I always get back in touch with a client or agency after the project is finished to find out the results generated. It always depends on the platform used to showcase the animation, however, I believe that it’s not just the content that brings results it’s what you do with the content.

What project in your portfolio are you most proud of and why?

Being my first job, The Bob the Builder project is one that I’m very proud of. I’m also proud of the Frankenweenie project which was created on Dragonframe, and pretty much every project of mine that has had a great success story.

What is your video making process?

My animations range from 12 to 24 frames per second and really, it’s a ‘simple’ take a picture, move it, repeat! I always say that it’s not hard to do, it’s just hard to do well.

How do you keep up with animation trends?

Stop Motion animation is my USP, I use this to stand out against competition. As I am self-employed, animation development is crucial to remaining relevant and with keeping up with the trends. With this, lately I have been teaching myself how to use adobe Character Animator and other stop motion techniques such as the 3D replacement of mouths on faces!

What animation methods are you most familiar with and what is your go to software?

I am most familiar with 2D and stop animation. I tend to find that stop animation is less frequently demanded by clients, however I do prefer it. It has a very different audience from 2D animation yet I believe it to be my USP. The software I use to animate is Dragonframe which is a stop animation software – I’ve found that this software is cheaper than adobe software and works great!


We loved ending our week chatting to Kim and broadening our knowledge in animation! Our designers definitely took lots away from the session as we hope Kim did too, and despite some questionable plaster scene character making skills, Team Vivid ended the day full of inspiration and drive to learn more.

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