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Posted on 8th November 2018 by Olivia

Creative collaboration is key to forming Vivid’s victories, each month we invite partners to join us and share their visions to inspire ours!

Earlier this month, we welcomed photographer Paul Moffat into the office to showcase his work, and boy were we impressed! Paul’s widely experienced Photographer with an eye for detail like no other – with the patience of a saint, Paul is definitely not one to skip over the smaller details!

Kicking off with a brew, Paul talked us through his portfolio and took us on a journey with every image he put in front of us. Containing both commissioned and non-commissioned work, Paul explained the process undergone to craft each image and the background too. 

Wanting to delve further for a better understanding, we asked Paul a few questions: 

What’s your favourite style of photography that you’ve worked on?

Clean, graphical studio work is my favourite but it is hard to choose! I love exploring places for street photography also as I love the freedom it gives you.

What editing software do you use to enhance your images? 


Has your background always been photography?

I studied photography at art college but then went down the film and animation route. I went to pursue films, but then moved back to photography. In the early years I worked with photographer Robert Walker (who is now retired) and then started freelancing and it took off from there.

What sort of camera do you use? 

A Hasselblad, always! 

Which photos in your portfolio were the most fun to take?

I loved creating the paint pouring image as I had an end goal in mind and I knew I had everything under control. But I also loved shooting images when out on location such as the Hilton Hotel shot- but this is always subject to weather and budget!

What would you advise beginners to do when wanting to enter the industry?

For beginners I would advise buying a cheap manual film camera as this teaches you photography properly such as the exposures – I also take my photos using manual mode so I have full control over the settings. Or a smart phone works good too! They are great as you can get a look at the photos quickly and can alter the colour grading, dynamics and shadows.

We loved having Paul visit VividHQ and his work definitely inspired our team, thanks Paul!

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