(Algo)rithm is a dancer

Posted on 1st February 2018 by Rebecca

Sometimes, with big fancy words, comes a sense of confusion, so I’m going to give you a scenario…

You create a dance routine, which incorporates ‘standard steps’ and actions, creativity and thought, you then write this down move for move, but what the audience see is spectacular performance that you hope your audience will enjoy. An algorithm is a mathematical, step by step procedure for calculations resulting in the final dance.

You may have heard, Facebook is now changing their algorithms or dance – so that your friends and family are the main priority on your News Feed, followed by content that the algorithm believes will be relevant based on behaviours at patterns, which could impact on your Social brand. So the big question is, how can you as a business avoid low engagement on Social? Well, here’s a list of stuff Facebook algorithms look for to ensure your posts stay prioritised and you will foxtrot your way to your KPI’s.

1.It’s a 10 from Len

The Facebook algorithm loves posts with a lot of likes, comments and shares, which if your content is of a high quality, you’ll achieve organically. To achieve high quality content in the first place originality is key. Content should be unique to your brand, create strong headlines and make it engaging and compelling (not too lengthy, no one likes an essay that fills up their smartphone page!). Dig into the data on who your audiences are and what makes them tick. Remember to test content to see which performs better it needs to be authentic, original, and engaging for your audience, don’t just dance to the beat of your own drum.

2. Not out of touch or time

Trending subjects on Social Media platforms change from day to day, hour to hour, minute by minute. If your post is relevant to a trend and timely (whilst still of a high quality) then your post will still be prioritised, therefore distributed onto consumers News Feeds, so you have to be quick on your toes and be able to be adaptable. Whilst content plans which include pre-agreed social content are important, spontaneous and reactive content can also be just not if not more effective, if you’re the first to source this you’re beating competitors.

3. It takes two…

If your audience interacts with a page a lot, then these posts will be distributed onto their News Feed more often. Facebook also makes recommendations based on similarities, so if you were to mention a park or ‘check in’ and parks with your family, you may be recommended to like ‘Heaton Park’ or ‘Tatton Park’ .Get your content favoured and pushed out by getting to know you’re audience, make content relevant and ALWAYS respond and engage after all, dancing with a partner requires interaction as does your followers.

4. Fill the dance floor

Ensure your profile is bursting at the seams with info about your business. Include EVERYTHING and update regularly. Your business location, a bio with your business, a website URL. This will ensure your page is reliable, and algorithms look at reliability as this is something that improves your Social Media Optimisation (SMO), and as a result of this, your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will improve as will your web traffic.

5. What a short amount of time

You don’t have a lot of time to WOW your audience. If you post a piece of content that receives a lot of likes, comments and engagement in general in a short amount of time, your post will be prioritised similarly to subject trends. Content that tends to receive this sort of engagement is link drop articles (which the Facebook algorithm loves), so get digging for an up to date, engaging article relevant to your brand, and you’ll see the engagement increase in no time.

What have we learnt from the above? That high quality content is key. We can assure you if you use our tips and put them into your content, your content will have rhythm, soul and most importantly engagement. It’s also worth noting that the updates to Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t yet affect the ad algorithm.

What’s your thoughts on the new algorithm update? Do you feel as though businesses should invest more time/money into their Content Marketing then let us know. Alternatively, if you want more information or tips on how to win the dance battle, get in touch!

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