Goes in one Y-Ear and out the other!

Posted on 5th January 2018 by Mia

Put on your positive pants, it’s officially 2018… A new year marks the start of, well January of course, along with a clean slate.

We all make (and probably break) New Years Resolutions, we all have an abundance of excuses at the ready, i.e. the gym you walk past on your commute is too far or the Gin in the cupboard called your name (I can assure you it probably didn’t), but New Years Resolutions don’t just boil down to your personal life, it can be applied to other aspects such as your work life and even the marketing strategy you have in place.

This year, why not take a step  into unchartered (but award winning) territories and try a new way of thinking with a new award winning agency? Ask yourself the following questions:

Safety first!

Feeling safe? Content with just hitting your milestones or KPIs? Is this really right for your business? Just because an agency can produce an idea that they’re pretty sure you’ll like, this doesn’t mean this is the right agency or idea for you. Campaigns should cause (healthy) disruption, and if you’re going to opt for the same old, this may meet exceptions, but not give you the results your brand deserves.

To infinity and beyond.

Talking of expectations, do you want to meet expectations or exceed? Exceed of course, at Vivid we’re not content with hitting the bare minimum we revise milestones and KPIs constantly to ensure we maximise your ROI. We develop winning ideas with continuous monitoring and communication to ensure campaign success with outcomes that exceed expectations! Meeting milestones and KPIs is ok, it’s satisfactory, but you want your agency to go above and beyond, a new agency may just be the answer.

More than 11,37

Friends with your agency? Liking an agency isn’t a reason for you to stick with them, ever heard the term you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure? BINGO! This is the reason why, this isn’t to say you can’t be friendly with clients, trusting your clients and them having faith in you is a very important thing, however, if you overstep the boundary, things can lack a little when friendship gets involved, and unforgivable mistakes can be passed off as ‘oh, it’s just one of them things’. We always maintain a friendly but professional relationship.

No likey, no lighty

Are you comfortable? Comfortable is cushy, but in business, you can never be cushy. I’m gonna give you a scenario here, think of your favourite dressing gown. It’s got maybe one or two moth holes in, it has a line of fake tan (if you’re me) over it and some of the threading is loose, but you just do not want to get rid (even though you know at this point this dressing gown is no longer acceptable!), but embrace the change and see what a new dressing gown can do for you, it’ll be fresh, plush and different.

Everyone loves a good result

Just like expectations, reliable results are nice, nice being the perfect use of word for this. Find an agency who thinks outside the box, pushes the limits and changes that nice result to a perfect one. Taking on a new agency can indeed be risky, but compatibility is everything. If you feel the agency you’re already using is working to the best of their ability to maximise your profits, then maybe the grass isn’t greener, however, if you feel they aren’t then grasp 2018 and make that change.

To conclude, never settle. If you’re working with an agency, keep your eyes peeled for a better offer. This will ensure the agency will be kept on their little piggies and you will receive what you want.

Have a vision, want to meet the team or do you fancy a chat? Let us know when you can pop in, we’ll get the kettle on and find a plate for the biscuits. See what we’re all about, pick our brains or run a brief past us! We wish you all a very happy 2018 and happy hunting.

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