Third the Golden Eagle

Posted on 17th November 2017 by Mia

Last night, Vivid hit up Prolific North’s Inspired Spaces in Liverpool, to find out if we’d be taking home the gong for Prolific North’s 2017 Inspired Spaces award.

Well, before we share the juice of last night, we thought we’d give you more of an insight to how creative juices flowed to create Vivid’s creative space.

As described by the judges it’s a tricky space (with no windows and split awkwardly across 3 floors), but as the creatives we are, we saw the potential for something fabulous – we then created and built it ourselves, no consultancies or teams drafted in – we just got by with a little help from our friends.

So after lots of sketches, squares, 3D designs and calculating dimensions, we came up with the perfect ideas on a minimal budget, that make the Vivid ‘bat cave’ what it is today and bring to life Vivid’s personality.

Our doors were covered in carefully illustrated vinyls to provide privacy, but not too much so you can still see our entrance, which we transformed into a gallery, a perfect blend of Dylan’s and our own masterpieces. Work past and present adorns the brickwork to show off Vivids skills as an agency and to make our clients feel welcomed. Who wants a boring boardroom? Not Vivid! We have our own bespoke scrabble table with coasters that go on top so before a brainstorm we can get our minds ticking with a cheeky game of scrabble. What’s communication? Communication is KEY! That’s why us Vividers like having our open plan office, which aids collaboration between teams to create winning campaigns.

It doesn’t stop there, oh no. Downstairs offers a versatile space for Vividers to get creative in the photography studio, or have lunch together (with a table that turns into beer pong, ideal we know), or if you fancy a little golf we have a mini golf course, do be aware of the birdie in our inflatable palm tree though (punny!). With mood reactive lighting, sound and projectors the ‘Cube’ is another learning and working space for us, where we can have brainstorms or webinars to see what’s new in the industry, work smarter as a team and enjoy the work we create – after all, a team that plays (and works) together, stays together!

Anyway, back to last night. We made our way to Liverpool train beers in tow, and rocked up at HUS and after pleasingly being greeted with drinks and nibbles, we sat back, relaxed, and waited for the show to commence.

So drum roll please.. out of 52 entrants, the top 10 were finally being revealed, and we’re happy to reveal that even though we didn’t come first, we did come an impressive 3rd! Well done to everybody at Vivid who created the design, took part in the video and for being a part of team Vivid, and cheers to everyone who voted for us, here’s to many more awards to come!


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