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Ok so before I start our #VividOnTour blog, here’s a few things that I learnt on my travels.

  1. Team Vivid are fab
  2. Beer bikes have height restrictions – they leave bum bruises #burnythighs
  3. You can in fact sell beer to passers by whilst beer biking – but not for a profit
  4. I will have a sauna in my house – even if its just leaving the shower on its hottest setting
  5. Pigeon power – they are genuinely much prettier outside of Manchester

Anyway last week, Vivid arrived at Manchester Airport T3 to travel to Budapest, Hungary, for two days then made our way to Vienna, Austria, for an additional two days. We all hopped on the plane had a cheeky Aperol Spritz, and before you knew it, we’d landed in Budapest.

We landed in Budapest to be welcomed by a very hectic passport control area, no queuing, no guidance, just hoards of people from different flights. As you can imagine, this was extremely time consuming and confusing when there are 8 of you, but, we had just landed in beautiful Budapest, so this wasn’t an issue.

As we arrived to our apartment, we were overwhelmed with how beautiful it was. It had a full marble kitchen, 2 bathrooms with all needed facilities (and more), a sauna, and a girls room and a boys room. We then headed over to our first activity … beer biking. I have never experienced something so hilarious, and the fact that Rachel, Ellie and I are all under 5’5 was a bonus as we couldn’t reach the pedals, which obviously added on to our beer time.

Then we headed to Budapest’s underground ruin bars, had a lil boogie, then headed back to our apartment, had a quick sauna sesh and we were recharged and ready to go go the thermal baths the next day.

We headed up the Castle funicular named Margrit, and explored the grounds and admired the multicoloured tiled roof. Thermal baths are a must in Budapest, so of course we did this next! It was fair to say they were beautiful. You were spoilt for choice with the amount of pools, saunas and steam rooms on offer, each offering different temperatures up to 38 degrees. The air was crisp and cold which made you appreciate the baths even more, but if you’re looking to have a chill on your holiday, then this is definite must, even if people do get too up close and personal (if ya know what I mean).

Where to next? Of course, BACK TO THE RUIN BAR! Ruin bars are really lovely as the mix of people is so eclectic, as is the music and your surroundings, but they cater to everybody. With 20 rooms of different genres of music to choose, you’ll definitely not be short for choice. Not gonna lie, we boogied on down pretty hard, so much so I had #burnythighs the next day.

An early start, with a suitcase to pack (carry/drag slowly behind) and #burnythighs, it wasn’t a fab combo, but when on #VividOnTour holiday you don’t want to lag behind. After a rather rushed run for our train (which we made with milliseconds, literally) to spare, we were on our way to Vienna.

I’ve never been one for getting on trains, not a fan, maybe it was something in the air, or maybe it was the prosecco breakfast, but after a few rounds of Snap, 21 and Don’t Show Keith Your Teeth, this train journey was rather fun, Ross AKA Sleeping Beauty enjoyed it especially.

Vienna was slightly, ok, much colder than Budapest, but the architecture in the centre and the Karl Lagerfeld and other handbag galore shops most definitely made up for this.

Off we popped on the Austrian underground with a long overdue pit stop, so of course as soon as we got off we had a break in a snazzy cafe nearby, then headed to the swanky Onyx bar. The Onyx bar is a beautiful bar overlooking the Stephansdom, but just a quick one, if you don’t like lifts then this isn’t the place for you, unless you want to climb endless flights of stairs that are steeper than your average, I should know as I made everybody from Vivid explore the stairs with me (sorry, guys!), #burnythighs take two.

We then took a stroll through the beautiful streets of Vienna, which really are lovely and very flash discovered the canal side and came across a little hut bar. Octagonal shaped, super cosy with extra cold Jäger, it genuinely felt like Christmas. The night soon rolled in, so we decided to go back to where we were staying, have a game of pool and get some shut eye for a day of sight seeing with the team.

We all had a full 8 hours (much needed) and were so ready to explore! Ok so I cannot wait to tell you that I may have tried the worlds best strudel, are you ready for this? Goats cheese, spinach and sour cream. What. A. Combo. Literally the best thing I’ve ever tasted, so much so, we’re wanting to open our own Vivid strudel shop!

After a stroll around Vienna with the team, we went to a cake shop that looked exactly like what I imagine Hansel and Gretels house to look like, it was crazy. There were so many cakes and desserts you could choose from, it was genuinely like Sophies Choice, I opted for the almond cake along with the apple strudel (Rebecca & I shared I’m not that greedy) and it was amaaaaaazing!

The last stop, Hundertwasserhaus! A block of apartments which look very mythical and fairytale-esque, with an underground mini shopping centre where you can purchase Vienna souvenirs and the cutest hand made coats and dresses. It’s time to make our way back and leave unfortunately. Budapest and Vienna, you were a dream. I wonder where our #VividOnTour will take us next year?!  If you’re wanting to find out first hand, then keep an eye out for our job openings.

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