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Posted on 15th September 2017 by Mia

A couple of weeks ago, Prolific North revealed the shortlist for the most inspired workspaces in the North’s creative sector and what do you know, Vivid has been shortlisted.

Being a creative agency, our minds constantly have to be alert, our fingers on the keyboard and our brains have to spout creative juices and we have to keep the ball rolling with the award winning campaigns and ideas. In turn, our workspace has to reflect this to helps us develop and grow our ideas. Our teams strength is born of its diversity and the ability to be able to work together and socialise to keep that good dynamic afloat and there’s a lot of love and caring at this 17 year old agency and this is portrayed in our work we execute. Here at Vivid, we know it’s the small things that make a difference, for both employees and clients alike, that’s why we feel our workspace is so vital.

With an open studio, perfect for cross-team communication (and for the occasional natter of course, hence our ‘Addams Family’ vibe we’ve got going on) our Scrabble based table in our  board room and of course ‘The Cube’ (which was inspired by Phillip Schofield, cheers Phil), Vivid’s employees have plenty of space for brainstorms, sharing ideas, Friday beverages, and of course chatting about the weeks happenings all whilst listening to our Head of Design, Chris’, favourite tune, Kylie Minouge – Spinning Around (sorry, Chris!).

A lot of businesses will outsource a company to create and design their space to give it that creative boost, but at Vivid, we decided to do this ourselves (we are creatives after all!). We all came together to help tailor the designs to fit with our needs, from the materials used to maximising the use of space. From concept to completion, we all pitched in on what we need and what perks we would enjoy hence our (under-construction) mini golf area and mini bar which contains our favourite tipples (there’s also measurers but who even uses them these days).

We have all facilities needed to make the creme del a creme of lunch dishes, our Creative Apprentice Mia put these facilities to full use this week by making Chris (Head of Design) and Rachel (Managing Director) a somewhat burnt sourdough with undercooked boiled eggs and avocado, God loves a trier. The new and improved office space has had a huge impact on well-being and productivity, as although it’s a great space to work to let your mind run design wild, it also shows our clients that we aren’t just a service-orientated business, but that we also invest in a customer-facing business.

From the moment we walk in, our bellies and full from breakfast club, our minds are inspired by the space and our brains are jam-packed with innovative ideas. Our space means we always listen, never stop learning, enter with a smile and leave with a sense of achievement (and on Fridays a lil tipsy from a prosecco/beer or gin).

The voting will open to the public on Friday 13th October until 31st October, so keep an eye out…

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