How to engage with a Gen Z audience in 5 ways!

Posted on 11th August 2017 by Mia

Different demographic cohorts for different ages can be so freakin’ confusing, you have Millennials, Gen Z, Baby Boomers and quite a few more! Demographic cohorts have been quite a thing of late in the digital world, with Millennials being the main mention as social media is such a dominant thing in their lives.

Gen Z (also known as iGen, semi ironic) is the youngest demographic to enter the social media world, from roughly 1996 – 2012. While we don’t know much about Gen Z, we know they are in a highly diverse environment that has higher levels of technology, and they are growing up in a highly sophisticated media and computer environment too, so they are most probably going to overtake Millennials for being the most internet savvy as their expertise will be on point. Anyway, after a brief/not so brief introduction to the generation, behold the 5 ways!

  1. The horse’s mouth

This generation are engaged more through influencers, which for brands is perfect, yet dangerous (unless you follow our 5 ways of course). To avoid missing the point and getting it wrong, hire or consult within Gen Z, as realistically, the generational gap makes it hard for an older demographic to understand the needs of Gen Z.

2. Tone of voice

Tone of voice is EVERYTHING on social media, even in advertising on billboards and TV ads, I know that I will unfollow (on social) a brand for being completely and utterly BORING. A personality is everything on social media, you want to know a person is behind their own social media, obviously for big brands this isn’t the case, but as long as it gives that feel, then job well done. You don’t really think Richard Branson does The Virgin Groups social media monthly content plan do you? OF COURSE NOT! He’s on a yacht sunning himself somewhere, lucky you Richard, lucky you.


Gen Z are not a silly bunch when it comes to the digital world, them and Millennials really know their shit. Sorry to disappoint but when you photoshop your derriere it’s never a secret to make it that li’l bit Kardashian, we can spot it within seconds – then it will go viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons (poor Lindsay Lohan). This also links with tone of voice, as personality and sincerity really resonates with us as a demographic, so fooling us on social media could result in a dip in profits.

4. Hide and Seek

How many ads do you see per day? Bloody plenty I’m sure, but the real question is how many do you remember? GoCompare doesn’t count. Rather than pushing sales, pushing products and purely advertising, build a relationship with your target audience, who will eventually turn into consumers. As a generation, we listen to recommendations from friends and influencers, so reach out to these influencers and use them to your advantage. Of course, not all brands can afford influencers, and if this is the case, communication, good layouts and funky social pages and a crackin’ content plan isn’t only your mate, but will be the key to your successes.

5. A bit of +44

Everybody these days has a smartphone and when it breaks, cracks or gets a bit of damage it’s like your life is over, you go into complete emotional turmoil and browse the web for a solution, or is that just me? Anyway, this proves how important phones are to us as we spend a lot of time on them, hence why going mobile will be the best way for you to target the mighty Gen Z.

Deemed to be one of the most difficult (yet exciting) audiences, Gen Z are the people of the future, and will one day be consumers, if they aren’t already. These strategies should most definitely be considered if you’re dealing with a young brand, we have an openness to innovative marketing techniques, embracing new technology and trends, so getting your marketing right could be hugely beneficial for your brand.

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