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Posted on 28th July 2017 by Rebecca


Wanting an insight into agency life? Well here’s one…

Myself & my Creative Director, Karl, visited Mid Wales at the start of the week to capture content, to ensure we serve our followers the best (social) experience possible.

The first stop on our list was Llandrindod Wells and what a glorious town it is! Here we GoPro’ed the town, took plenty of images on the Canon for previously agreed themes and strategies we have for our client.

Following the itinerary plan we had created the previous week at Vivid, we then enjoyed a frothy coffee and a rainbow cake at Elan Valley Visitor Centre, how delightful they were! The view from the visitor centre was quite breathtaking, I’ve never had a coffee with a view like that before it was unbelievably therapeutic and I’m not even a keen sightseer!

After capturing some truly #Epic footage at Elan Valley, we continued on our merry way to Rhayader, a place famous for its Red Kites. Rhayader has an abundance of Welsh pubs and independent shops, which when you live in a city centre, is really nice to see and appreciate.

The only sights they have to offer (this isn’t a negative, I promise) are enchanting panoramic ones. One of the best seen from day 1 of content capturing was the Riverside Walk that lasts about a mile, which paves out of the bustling town onto lakes, rivers and streams where you can canoe and kayak. Once again, we GoPro’ed the town, took plenty of images and duped it.

It’s my favourite part of the day, TEA TIME! Similarly to the rest of the Vivid team, I’m a real foodie and love trying new dishes and combinations, so I went for a mustard and honey pork burger, whilst Karl went for the Ty Morgans specialty burger, which even had a few onion rings thrown in.

Ok so when I created the itinery, I thought camping would be a brilliant idea (because it is), so we headed over to Elan Oaks to set up camp. This is good practice for me as I’ve never really set a tent up before, apart from a 6 man at a festival which took me a good hour, followed by a few other hours.

Karl with his snazzy pop up tent (jealous) pops up and he starts pegging it into the floor like the seasoned pro that he is. In an attempt to set up my own tent in a similar fashion, I tried to follow his actions, only to realise I had no bloomin’ pegs (this is the part where I thank our camping neighbour Martin for his military organisation and generosity) so thanks Martin for lending me 5 pegs. I didn’t come completely unprepared I did bring a singular peg – although I had to forfeit some sweets in exchange!

At this point we we’re waiting and waiting for Mid Wales’ reputable #DarkSkies setting to come around, and it really didn’t disappoint, it was visually stunning and no camera can ever do it justice, it really is something you have to see with your own eyes to appreciate the natural beauty of the earth, I even managed to see my first ever shooting star and it was such an unforgettable moment!

A good kip is way overdue at this point, but I can’t recommend a Mid Wales’ stargaze enough. I’m sorted out, I am alive and well and survived a night in a tent, go me! Up out and early for a little bite to eat before the hard yet enjoyable slog continues. We popped back to Elan Valley to grab some pano shots in daylight and they look fab. Now, off to Llanwrtyd Wells AKA Britain’s Smallest Town we venture!

I won’t lie to you, Britain’s smallest town is pretty small – so there wasn’t a massive amount of content to capture there, lovely little town though and is most definitely worth a visit if you’re passing through or you’re close.

All aboard the travel train (Karl’s car), and we are on our way to Builth Wells to capture some town content and pay a visit to the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. Builth Wells was rather busy, which is expected as it’s home to the Royal Welsh Show-ground. The Royal Welsh show is something I have never been to, only ever read about, what a weird and wonderful place! I witnessed about 20 men having an axe competition and some sort of pole climbing (this sport does have a name, I am just unsure what it is!) competition, which was rather hilarious, 103% sure I could’ve give ‘em a run for their money though.

This brings me to a close for this Mid Wales trip… until next time!

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