A marketing woe

Posted on 21st July 2017 by Mia

Everyone has seen adverts, whether that be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix or that big black box. You might have cringed at certain adverts when they’ve missed the point so badly or interpreted the brief in the completely wrong way (bare in mind it’s been signed off by numerous people and SOMEHOW made it this far).

Here’s your step by step guide on how to avoid a diabolical, catastrophic and potentially damaging marketing woe.

  1. Brainstorm – The ever important brainstorm really gets the creative flow going. Going into a brainstorm prepared is brill as colleagues can play on suggested ideas and develop these further – and your first initial brilliant idea could result in your agency pulling off a genius idea.
  2. Manifesto or manifestno – When looking through your pitch, just think, would you be offended/insulted or just think ‘oh no’? If so, keeping adding to it, whilst baring in mind that sometimes less is more. It’s like a cliche love story or your favourite pair of over priced shoes, when you know, you just know!
  3. Get creative – Post it’s? Got ‘em! The brightest highlighter you can possibly find? Got ‘em! Do whatever you feel is necessary for you to get creative and do whatever you can to draw out the creme del a creme of ideas.
  4. Think outside the box – Some may say obvious, but there have been plenty of occasions I have seen a brand that has an unbelievable amount of money to spend on their marketing and the strategy and execution of a campaign is nothing more than completely shoddy. Sometimes the most simplistic ideas are the perfect ones, but sometimes it’s a no from me.
  5. Make it memorable – Always put yourself in the shoes of a consumer, would you remember any elements? The imagery, the design, the tagline, anything! If the answer is no, then keep developing your idea until you sit there and say ‘we’ve got it’.
  6. Resonation – Resonating with your audience by delivering a true, personal message, even if you have a giant brand like ASOS, make it personal! Make smaller campaigns work alongside your over arching campaign. There’s nothing like a personalised email with a pair of glasses I’ve got saved in my ‘payday basket’.
  7. Power of 3 – Social is everywhere these days and so many businesses have found this beneficial for them, increasing their annual turnover. Integrate your campaign with your social media hashtag for that added effect.

We hope you find this helpful.

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