This is Vivid. We do things differently around here.

Posted on 21st April 2017 by Mia

The life of a bar tender… Welcome to the good life. Although bar work is fun and makes you quick money, I didn’t see my career rocketing off to some sort of michelin star restaurant connoisseur any time soon, and nor did I want to be. Music and textiles are passions of mine, so I needed something to channel my inner creativity and make my brain tick, something that wasn’t tedious and was fast paced. My auntie recommended an apprenticeship provider called ‘The Juice Academy’ which gives you a social media and digital marketing placement with a qualification, so I thought lets give it a whirl.

I got an email 2 days later saying I’d been shortlisted and to be fair I was quite shocked, but I couldn’t wait for bootcamp day to see what it was all about as I had no expectations or previous experience. I was excited. Not too long after, bootcamp day came around and I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to do this.

The Creative Director of Vivid, Karl, was the one who came to bootcamp that day and out of all the companies interviewing, all of the social hopefuls mentioned how Karls approach differed to the other employers, which could only be a positive thing. Thankfully, I got the apprenticeship placement at Viv-id and was super stoked to be part of a creative agency and a creative team, I got the job on the Friday and started on the Monday.

As soon as I walked into Viv-id, I just knew it was the perfect place for me to be, it was current, quirky and not your usual 9-5 office. My colleagues put me straight to work, which I appreciated as I wasn’t sat there like a wet lettuce waiting… and waiting … and waiting. Within 2 weeks I felt really comfortable with the team and felt like I was really getting to know everybody as individuals.

Every team at Viv-id has invested so much time in teaching me what I know so far, from social media, to studio, to dabbling with brand management and I’ve had endless support from everybody with my apprenticeship work which gains me my qualification at the end. Viv-id takes a fab approach to everything we do, from the team dynamic and the people, to how we envision every single campaign we win. After all, our mantra is Vision, Ideas, Victory.

I feel as though Viv-id have started paving my career path for me, and has made me realise that this is where I am meant to be doing what I do. Like I said, this is Viv-id. We do things differently around here.


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