Oh Snap! Facebook adds Snap-esque Features

Posted on 7th April 2017 by Mia

They say that copying is the greatest form of flattery, let’s hope that Snap (formally Snapchat) feels this way, after Facebooks recent update to its social media platform in a bid to compete with them. Facebook has followed in the footsteps of other social media outlets by introducing a new “stories” feature.

With technology evolving quicker than the monkey did to man so is the vast world of social media. It is now bursting at the seams with developments, new things to do, see and partake in. Todays world is arguably much more visual, with more photos and videos than ever before on Facebook.

We’re more connected to more people than ever, even in the most remote corners of the world, the small republic of Niue (south east near Samoa) has WI-FI coverage over most of its island (believe us, that’s pretty remote). Just over 10 years ago,we could only do the simplest of things online with our dial up internet, now the possibilities are endless, it’s totally crazy.

Stories are now the trending ‘thing’ across social media. If you don’t post a story on your Instagram and Snap when you’re out on a Saturday night having a boogie, are you even out?! Camera effects, such as masks and frames can also be added, in another nod to Snapchat’s geo-filters and lenses. The third update, Direct, is a combination of Messenger and Snapchat which enables users to send short videos and images to friends that will disappear after a short time.

With Facebooks new introductions to their social media channel, the question is, are they about to take over Instagram and Snap?  You may ask what the difference is from Facebook stories and Snapchat stories, to answer your question quickly, the answer is not that much in regards to features and what you can do.

By introducing stories, Facebook has rolled out Snap’s concept to a much wider and varied audience with 1.7 billion people use Facebook’s mobile app each month. From a content perspective, this seems to make sense for Facebook. Whether Facebook’s core users will adopt the feature remains to be seen.

Both have their perks, but for us, we feel like Facebook needs to start to lead the (platform) pack with new trends by coming up with something slightly more original rather than following in the footsteps of Snap! However, we do think Snap needs to bring a certain old feature back (which we’re sure everyone will agree with), SNAPCHAT BEST FRIENDS and the BUTTERFLY FILTER a.k.a the catfish filter!

Was this a good move? Have you tried Facebook Stories yet? Will you share your day on Facebook? How will you manage stories across Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp? What do you think it next for Facebook?

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