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Posted on 23rd March 2017 by Mia

Victory at the Travel Marketing Awards 2017

Oh Travel Marketing Awards, what have you done to me? I’ve lost an eye, my hair is all matted and my forehead has a heartbeat.

I’m Vivian, the agony aunt of Vivid Manchester, I have lilac hair (so trendy I know), with a Vivid pink complexion and I am approximately 40cm tall. My bosses Karl and Rachel, Head of Design Chris, and myself all went off to London to take a trip to The Travel Marketing Awards, and oh what a night. Myself and Rachel brought so much sass, whilst Chris and Karl bought Jäger, which by the way is what I blame for my second heartbeat.

If you don’t already know, The Travel Marketing Awards are the most prestigious travel and tourism awards around (hence why I went), welcoming advertising agencies, in-house teams, digital agencies and many more industry professionals. I’ve never been to London before this trip but I can safely say I had a right ball.

Wait, did I mention I met Romesh Ranganathan? What a charmer.

Vivid orchestrated the #perfectchester campaign for ‘Best Use of Social Media‘ under 20k, showcasing all the best gems in Chester, from treats to encounters; monkey smiles to the perfect view. Everyone at Vivid worked really hard on this and (drumroll please)… Vivid came third (not going to lie bit of a come down from Gold last year but…) not bad considering the competition was tough, even more so as we achieved 99:1 ROI.

The campaign objective was to create a destination campaign focusing on Chester, that had potential to expand and show that Chester is THE place to create the perfect moment through the summer months and beyond. Using real people, we showcased authentic experiences showing the streets, sights and sounds of Chester and its attractions.

Vivid approached this campaign differently, playing to the diversity of people who travel to Chester and ensured it resonated with people on social media, the people who could then share these experiences and bring to light the city’s more hidden attractions. Congratulations Vivid! You deserved it.

Oh well, you were well worth it!

xoxo Viv xoxo

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