Manchester seeing 2020: Vision of the things to come

Posted on 6th August 2015 by Rebecca

The future belongs to the North, more specifically it belongs to the great city that is Manchester. We might be bias, being a Manchester City Centre based agency, however George Osborne confirmed Greater Manchester as the ‘golden child’ of his ‘northern powerhouse’ vision.

Manchester City Council is set to discuss the next three years of the development today, before it is officially unveiled to the public for consultation. The ambitious vision for the city centre is set to be rolled out over the next five years. Proposals are for billions of pounds worth of new neighborhoods with a focus on the northern and southern parts of the city. It will see the creation of a number of elegant skyscrapers and upgrades to current attractions, transport links and public spaces.

Part of the plan includes a £1.35 development at the old Granada Studios called St John’s which will be situated near to Spinningfields and the Museum of Science and Industry. The development is said to be the new ‘neighbourhood of enterprise, culture and living’. The most exciting aspect appears to be the bold plan for a ‘vertical village’. This part of the vision will definitely push the boundaries of living with its connecting tower blocks, Sky Park and roof deck.

Oxford Road, Victoria and Piccadilly stations are being revamped over the next two to three years under upgrades to train links through the city. The areas surrounding the stations have also been included in the redevelopment plans. We’ve already seen the transformation of the once dormant area where First Street has seen the creation of our new neighbours, HOME arts centre, Sainsbury’s local and the striking Spanish inspired hotel, Innside, part of the Melia family. An incredibly modern 27-storey apartment block named the ‘Axis Tower’ will also be wedged in near to our offices.

Manchester’s Corn Exchange is going under a £30 million revamp, with many projects underway. Here at Vivid, even we’re more than excited to see a flurry of innovative and exciting restaurants coming into the city centre, such as quirky restaurant and bar The Cosy Club, who are looking to combine the feel of the Victorian Era with a few modern twists thrown in and vibrant Mexican restaurant Wahaca. There are also Indian eateries, noodle bars and burger bars on the ever expanding list.

A new vibrant hub with approximately 500 apartments, hotel space, leisure space, as well as artisan bars and independent restaurants is looking to be built in the currently derelict Little David Street, near to Manchester’s Gay village. Further apartments are to be constructed in Ancoats along with additional tram stops, with current tram stops to be expanded further. Further to the above, the redevelopment and regeneration of Manchester will see an increase in 44,000 jobs, with an aim to reduce those reliant on benefits, reducing carbon emissions

Over the  last ten years, Manchester has transformed as city. Millions of pounds have been injected into the city with many new projects being invested into across the city. Manchester as a while has seen unprecedented growth with an ever increasing population which has helped to generate significant money for the national economy.

The city itself is now home for many iconic corporations as well as an influx of other smaller businesses specialising in the digital and creative industries. Many businesses, retailers and corporations are now looking away from London and have set their sights on the North due to its extensive development and funding.

Here at Vivid, we think that it’s a great opportunity for the people of Manchester and the city, we’re thrilled to be part of the continued development of such a brilliant city. The 2020 vision will see a wealth of opportunity for both new and current businesses. We’re excited to see Manchester reach its full potential and for the full vision to materialise. As Manchester City Council’s strategy suggests, we’re better and stronger together.

Although the development of the Manchester is a step in the right direction, it begs the question is all of this change good? What would you like to see in Manchester?

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