Cheerio from Charlie

Posted on 7th August 2015 by Alice


Today we say goodbye to our apprentice Charlie who has completed his 12months at Vivid and is heading off to be a social media and marketing executive! We’ll miss him loads and are very proud of what he’s achieved. He wrote us a few departing words…

“Starting a new job can always be a little bit nerve wrecking, even more so being your first year out of school but not at Vivid, straight off the bat I felt like I’d been here for years, immediately welcomed. Straight away I was thrown into the deep end, working on the mammoth task of the Visit Guernsey accommodation advertising was always a scary feat but with the help of Katie & Rachel It was a breeze and taught me what was to come. Through the past year I have learnt more than I thought I ever would, whether that be Alice keeping me up to date on which day of the week it is, Karl giving me that all most needed life advice or having to teach myself the rules of ‘Who Loves You’ it’s all been taken on board and valued every step of the way.  Chris, Dave and Adam (The #Lads) always seemed to provide a bit of laughter to the office and brighten up the day no matter what and somehow a year has managed to slip away; it still feels like yesterday I walked through the Vivid doors with Keith Lemon staring into my eyes for my first interview which I may have been somewhat over dressed for but I still haven’t regretted a minute of my time here at Vivid and would like to thank everybody here, for the lessons, the laughs and the love.”


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