Manchester With Love

Posted on 22nd May 2015 by Alice

Last night saw the opening of the ‘Manchester With Love’ – a one night only exhibition of the  iconic areas of Manchester, reimagined and summarised in 11 prints, designed by Stanley Chow and Studio DBD. The team from Vivid marched up the steps and into the big old building of the Great Northern Warehouse to witness the event (organised by Forever Manchester.)

Capturing each individual Manchester vernacular gives the opportunity to find what makes this northern city unique. Each poster had been given a well known building and a typographic style to match. Although simple in the approach, it promised to be quite nostalgic almost, as if someone would look at these designs and see a little part of their experience of visiting each area compressed into the poster format.

There were a few that stood out and rose above the rest, there were a few which grew on you, and there were a couple which were a little disappointing. The vector illustrated approach left them all sitting in the same boxy style which was suited for some spaces however a mix of different executions could have been nice to give your eyes a rest from the perfect lines. Overall, the Vivid team were torn. The craft of each poster leaving some underwhelmed where the print couldn’t quite manage to pull on the heartstrings associated with the space, but for others the connection with place and emotion was there and the bravery of the design was admired. It was always going to be difficult to let go of ‘I would have shown this instead’ or the ‘I would have done this differently’ thoughts.

Something we could all agree on however was the heart-warming fact that all the proceeds will go towards funding thousands of wholly-worthy community groups and projects across the Greater Manchester region. The direct relation gave a sense of community with all the areas immediately featured are going to benefit from the money raised. It was also good to see another gathering of the northern creative industry out in force. Congratulations to all involved.

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