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As TV advertising remains the most effect form of advertising and creates the most profit for businesses, we’ve been working hard with our clients in enhancing their campaigns to get the most out of their marketing spend.  We all know that TV is still king in the household, as it entertains the nation and brings people together. TV is cultural glue, so we’re currently using Facebook and Twitter to enhance our clients’ TV bookings.

As we see the rise of social networkers it’s no surprise that whilst we’re sat down watching our favourite shows we’re also on our mobile or tablet devices sharing with our friends. What we think of what’s on our TV screens, as well as searching for products that we’ve just spotted on our TV screen. Many of us now share a viral sofa with the world and having a second screen to hand enables us to give live online reaction.

TV is now the most talked about media online;

- A poll conducted by Deloitte of 4,000 British consumers has found that half simultaneously watch TV whilst surfing the web.

- The findings also indicate that the average Briton spends 118 hours watching TV each month and 3.3 of those hours are spent simultaneously on social networks.

- The research found that social networking whilst watching TV came third against online shopping and instant messaging.

Facebook has up to a quarter of TV viewing audience posting about programmes on Facebook while they are on air. 80% of TV conversation on Facebook comes from a mobile device. 60% of interactions happen during a TV programmed, with 40% of discussion occurring outside the broadcast. 67% of the interactions were likes.

Brand TV commercials which broadcast on TV and follow up with a promoted tweet prompted a 95% stronger message association and 58% higher purchase intent compared to commercials appearing on TV alone. The cost of acquiring new customers is 36% lower when TV advertising runs concurrently with Twitter Ads. Three in four surveyed agreed that if users see a hashtag on TV, they look it up on Twitter.

We’re using these insights to drive results for our clients. We’re creating engaging social media content to make the most of their profiles supported with social media advertising to further our reach and through strategic planning serving adverts to those most likely to have seen our TV commercials.

Get in touch to see how we can help you enhance your campaigns and achieve your results.

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