A Secret we just can’t hide!

Posted on 9th March 2015 by Adam

Stealth Product Range


We’ve got a secret that we just can’t hide any longer! February saw the launch of a brand extension for Secret Training’s new sports nutrition range – STEALTH. Through our strategic approach we conceived the name STEALTH and an integrated branding solution, creating all the designs for a nutritional range that have been developed for optimum performance for athletes.

It’s a brand we’ve really enjoyed creating from the strategy, packaging design, print production and promotion. It was exciting to see the range on its first outing at The London Bike Show earlier this month. We rode down there to see STEALTH and the Secret Training team performing very well at the event! From the feedback received STEALTH really did steal the show.

Stealth Blackcurrant Foil Print

Our aim was to create a design that contrary to its name clearly has standout on shelf in the crowded market of sports nutrition. We looked back to Norman Wilkinson’s dazzle patterns from World War I & II, which were used to camouflage naval ships. We brought a stealthy secret weapon of the past into the future.

We created a dynamic, bold and energetic pattern that can keep up with its audience, with the emphasis on the brand design being flexible enough so that the nutritional range could organically grow through additional products. Performers that want to stand out deserved a product that isn’t afraid to do the same!!

And it’s been great to see our brand up and running in the real world and we’ve been doing our best to keep up with all the STEALTH buzz on social media.

Stealth on Twitter

@hutch172 – Good to meet @secrettrainingcc today, new brand, pure banana gel is amazing #londonbikeshow

@DaveReadle – @secrettrainingcc time for a super #STEALTH caffeine gel before boxing

@BurnsFiftyThree – Wonder what’s in the box? An awesome delivery form the crew at @secrettrainingcc that’s what! Thanks again!

But don’t just take their word for it! Tinkoff-Saxo have just announced STEALTH as their official nutrition supplier.

Race over to Secret Training to get your hands on some of your own STEALTH, and when everyone is asking what you’re doing different – don’t worry it will be our little secret.

Watch this space to see more brand integration for STEALTH.

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