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Posted on 11th November 2014 by Alice


We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing – Bernard Shaw

As part of Design Manchester 2014, Science of Play (carefully curated by Richard Pay and Jenny Nuttall) is an exhibition which aims to raise money for Play360 — a charity responsible for training organizations to build low-cost learning resources and playgrounds to improve education in the developing world. Vivid, along with many other creatives were on the list of contributors for the night.

The brief, What is play? It could be seen as the base and building blocks of social interaction, or potentially as an act that allows us to free our minds. Our challenge was interpret the word play and highlight it’s importance through creative expression.

The show brought together a whole mix of designers, illustrators, studios and artists and the work produced elegantly describes some of their own personal experiences of playing as a child. Some evoked memories of an age gone by where the floor was lava and you had to climb over furntiure to survive, or those sandcastle-building seaside trips to Wales. Whereas some other posters took a more technical approach, with mind-numbing mazes and pixel-perfect shapes.

Below are some examples of the prints available to buy through the Science of Play site, including ‘Hide and Seek’ by Vivid designer David Morris and ‘Don’t Stop Playing’ by Vivid designer Adam Stanway:

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