Head in the Clouds

Posted on 1st September 2014 by Alice


This month one of our designers, Adam, sees the launch of his recent illustration project Colin the Cloud. Colin the Cloud is a children’s book written by BBC weather forecaster and presenter of CBBC’s ‘Fierce Earth’ Clare Nasir. The story follows Colin, an aspirational young cloud on his adventure through thunderclouds and along jet streams as he follows his dream of travelling to the top of the sky.  The story aimed at 4-7 year olds also features some key learning points about the life of clouds, weather and simple atmospheric physics.

The launch is on the 6th September at the Science Museum in London. Where Adam and Clare will be reading the story and going over the science behind the adventure as well as some group cloud doodling, tickets available here.

The book published by Rudling House is available for pre-order now.



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