Brands that resonate – Marshall Heaphones

Posted on 20th June 2014 by Alice

When you think of Marshall Amplifiers, the thought tends to manifest itself with a guitarist wearing a top hat, leather jacket, leather pants, studded belt, with an American accent to boot. It is the quintessential look of rock and roll, loudness and overly long flamboyant hair for a male.

Instead of Marshall’s heritage being rooted in a little commercial store on a downtown street in California, Jim Marshall was actually born in London and pioneered the amplification industry from a small shop in Hanwell. The classic Marshall ‘crunch’ was born from guitarists who would come into the shop and complain about current amps not having the right sound. It is a brand built from demand, which still remains unique today.

According to their website, Marshall amps are built in their own production facility in Bletchley, where they have been made continuously since 1966. It’s always good to hear British industries not being outsourced for cheaper alternatives.

There’s always been an affinity felt with the Marshall brand, even though it remains visually similar to other main competitors. Maybe this is the English made legacy resonating within me, but it could possibly be the aspirations to be a rock star as a child. Even so, when I saw there was a pair of retro looking Marshall headphones on the market. It ticked all the boxes of a must-buy.

The sound (as expected) isn’t too bad either.

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