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Posted on 3rd April 2014 by Alice

FdA – Graphic Design Show 1

Last week saw the opening night of the aptly named ‘Design Heroes’ or the FdA Graphic Design Exhibition at the Lowry Outlet Mall. With the main aim to help raise money for various charities, students on the course at Salford City College have produced an eclectic range of badges, posters, postcards, cards and coasters (there are probably plenty more things on sale) to sell in aid of saving the whole world.

Studying Art and/or Design at that stage in your education gives you the freedom to follow any route your heart desires. So there was bound to be plenty of interesting sights on show.

Instead of a couple of exhibitions boards in a dark corner of the Lowry, (which is what was expected) there was a whole shop/unit on the first floor dedicated to the course. Inside, there are some little gems such as these:

Plus much, much more. The work really showcased the different print and production techniques the students had used to put together the exhibiton, and their excellent choice of evening snacks. (Salted pretzels are always a winner)

Unfortuately, there weren’t any names next to the designs so there are no credits on the images, but if you see your work please email us so we can update it.

If you’re interested in feasting your eyes on all this and more, additional information can be found here:

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