The tortoise and the hare.

Posted on 27th February 2014 by Alice


Are you winning the RACE?

In our fast-paced and ever-changing marketing world, organisations need to ensure each stage of the customer journey is ahead of their competitors. In a recent report produced by ADOBE on 2014 Digital Trends, it was shown that it is becoming increasing difficult to retain brand loyalty due to the likes of comparison websites and Amazon ‘recommended for you’ type sections. But, this also creates an opportunity to create real brand champions and build loyalty through the increased ability of organisations to personalise their service, this needs to go further than using your customer’s name in a generic e-shot however if you really want to build your brand army on the street.

We all know that marketing is no longer a one way street where organisations are simply feeding the audience. Social media especially has allowed consumers more than ever to be a driving force in their own right – there’s no hiding from your consumers these days. This also of course allows companies to build better relationships and engage with customers on a new level. Phones4U’s latest campaign, #projectupgrade has allowed the retailer to reach audiences at all stages of the customer journey and grab them by the throat (in the nicest possible way). By offering a ‘no strings attached’ reward to their own customers and competitors’ customers alike they have majorly capitalised on creating a feel-good factor for the audience. Caspar Nelson, Head of Brand Communications for Phones4U’s said of the campaign: “Key to the success of this campaign will be our social media engagement, which is why we’re backing the activity with a £1m investment, enabling us to interact with more people than ever before by providing genuine, real-life upgrades to people’s lives across the country.”

Building brand advocates and increasing awareness across the social sphere, I myself benefited from £100 Toni&Guy vouchers and may or may not have gushed on Twitter;

“I think I actually love @Phones4u #projectupgrade is the best thing ever and Liz is my hero”

I didn’t have to provide any data, didn’t have to be a Phones4U customer and there wasn’t even a mention of a phone…yet I wonder who’ll I’ll go to first next time I can upgrade, a faceless retailer or my new best friend Liz?

There are some simple online tools available to benchmark how your own marketing communications are performing, which help you to question how can we do it better, and how can we reach and engage with our audience? The RACE (Reach, Act, Convert and Engage) framework developed by David Chaffey is a recommended guide to analyse and plan each stage of the customer journey and marketing plans. :

1. How are you reaching your customers?
Look at using available tools for social media like FollowerWonk which provides data of how active you are on Twitter whilst also comparing your competitor’s activity. Review your search marketing activity using the Google Keyword Analysis tool, this will show what your audience searches for and if your keywords are meeting their needs.

2. How are your customers acting?
Look at using Google Analytics to access what activity your visitors have. KPI’s like the bounce race, what content their viewing and the time spent will give results on their online experience. If you see a high bounce rate what changes can you make to overcome this – does the page they go to include the content they need?

3. Where are your customers converting coming from?
Look at using Google Analytics to access your e-commerce activity. This will give figures into what websites are driving converting customers and what the value of each customer is.

4. Is your engagement with customers effective?
If you haven’t got a customer survey in place can you integrate this into your marketing communications? It’s a great way of hearing how you’re doing and creating one to one dialogue with your customers. Look into your email marketing performance, what are the open rates like and what time receives the most interest from the recipients? If you’re using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for example look at your social conversations. If you’re not, look at the real conversations that are happening about you when you’re not in the room.

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