One year on, and we’re feeling just Vine.

Posted on 24th January 2014 by Alice

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 12 months since we started capturing our lives in 6 second loops, but today Vine celebrates it’s first birthday. Acquired by social giant Twitter before it was even launched, having a little blue bird on your shoulder can’t hurt but there’s no doubt that Vine has conquered the social world in it’s own right. After a shaky start, including a service outage and getting kicked out of Apple’s App store (due to a pretty naughty video making it onto the Editor’s Picks) and that was only in the first week. But the power of the app couldn’t be stopped and users put Vine in the Top 10 Free Apps chart, making it twice as popular as it’s next biggest competitor SocialCam. Within 6months, Vine was ranked #1 in the App Store.

In a world where social content is King, video is quickly becoming the Kingdom – users can share more and experience more than ever on the video landscape. Instagram video, launched as a challenger to Vine, and Snapchat along with Vine are used by millions of users each day to communicate (Instagram has 150m users, 100m of which it had pre-video compared to Vine’s 40m). Individuals and companies are using Vine and Instagram videos to share experiences, talk to consumers, entertain, inform and get famous – but how can you use it for your business?

Here’s Vivid’s 5 tips for Vision to Vine Victory:

- Be interesting: Easier said than done we know, but make sure your precious 6 seconds are of something that consumers want to see and even better, want to share.

- Don’t be constrained: Although 6 seconds of phone footage might sound limiting, Vine users all over the world have innovated to make the most out of their videos using fish-eye lenses, time lapses, filters, tripods and stop-motion.

- Be on brand: Just because you haven’t spent thousands on direction and production on a TV ad, if you’re going to put it out there, your content should still be on brand and part of your overall strategy.

- Tell your customers something they don’t know: Have a new product to launch? Is something now available in a new colour? Want to explain how to use your product? Do it on Vine.

- Be ready!: Opportunity can come at any time and with Vine, you can make sure you don’t miss it – real-time content is exciting for consumers. You’ve got a powerful marketing tool right in your pocket, reach for it when you’ve got the chance.

Be inspired by some of the best company Vines of 2013.

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