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Posted on 13th September 2013 by Chris


As we look forward to the final week of this year’s Summer Camp, we say thank you to the very talented and lovely Roxy for this week. Roxy had the opportunity to work on some of our Christmas campaigns and produced some really well-thought out festive work! Roxy also took on the Vivid brief, which will be exhibited at the Summer Camp wrap party alongside all the other Summer Campers, and she really embraced the art of problem solving with some puzzling ideas! Thanks for all your help Roxy, we enjoyed having you around the studio!

Here’s what Roxy says about her week at Summer Camp:

‘I’ve had a nice little week here at Vivid, they’re a friendly bunch of folks and made me feel very welcome. As an animator I loved getting the chance to work on one of their current animation projects but I also enjoyed working on a range of other projects too. I’m glad I got a chance to take part in projects I don’t usually do and also to experience the studio environment. Cheers guys, its been fun!’

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