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Posted on 10th September 2013 by Alice


We’re chuffed to bits to announce that one of our designers has been nominated for a Fresh Award! We’ve got everything crossed in the office that she’s on the ‘track’ to success…

Our designer Steph has been nominated in the specialist category, for The Wedding Invitation Award and had this to say about her entry;

“I was roped into this by my sister so there was no hiding from the most brutally honest and ‘hard to please’ client to date! The happy couple, before they met had actually travelled to a lot of the same destinations without crossing paths and both had always planned to settle in London… so the tube map was the perfect vernacular. By the time the date was set they already had a son, Henry. Who formed his own line on the map and introduced the couple. Considering the attendees were either from up north or Ireland, this was a first visit to London for most and paying homage to the great tube map gave everybody a sense of the couples story and what they were in for on the tracks!”

You can have a look at Steph’s entry here we think it’s a winner, even if we are a little biased.

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