A Scouse in the House

Posted on 2nd August 2013 by Alice


On our third week of Summer Camp we had a foreigner in our midst. We decided to break down the barriers and welcome Scouser, James into the office. James worked alongside the team brainstorming on an upcoming live project and of course completed the Vivid brief which will be featured at the end of Summer Camp. James described his Vivid experience for us below. Best of luck for the future James!

“As an established freelance Graphic Designer I decided to take up the challenge of the summer camp and found working alongside Vivid to be warm and welcoming as well as valuable and a indispensable learning process which I will carry through to my business practices and help improve the service I provide. Hopefully proving that placements are not just for the graduates but for anybody who is still willing to learn and push themselves and there own abilities to the fullest.”

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