It’s an advertising campaign!

Posted on 23rd July 2013 by Alice


After nine months of waiting, the nation have finally have their new Prince. We’re not sure who it’s been a bigger occasion for though, the proud parents or brands? A moment like this one of those  times that advertisers just can’t help themselves, it’s like taking candy from a baby – so what has the ad campaign stork been delivering to brands across the world?

Coca-cola and Starbucks didn’t have to deviate too far from existing campaigns to congratulate Wills and Kate, although one is not too sure if they will in fact ‘Share a Coke’ to celebrate. Oreo played on their milk and cookie combo, with a tweet reading ‘Prepare the Royal bottle service’ and Play-Doh shared an equally charming image of the Royal family immortalised in plasticine. British heritage giant Marks&Spencer, have kindly offered a Royal etiquette guide, a campaign involving lots of cute babies for us subjects to ooh and ahh at presumably. It’s true that pretty much everyone has the chance to get in on the action – however, we’re not too sure about Charmin’s tweet….Call us old fashioned, but we like the simple ones and for that reason we think the crown has to go to Johnson’s Baby for their understated approach.


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