A fairytale ending to Summer Camp Week 1

Posted on 19th July 2013 by Alice


This week we welcomed student Palak to join Vivid as our first Summer Camper. Palak was a pleasure to have in the studio, and she produced a ‘magical’ piece of work – which will be showcased at the end of the Summer Camp with the rest of the work produced by our Summer Campers. Thanks Palak!

Palak had a few words of her own to share:

Hello, I am Palak Modi from university of Salford. I was part of summer camp 2013. I was here for a week and it just flew by. It was great experience to see how design industries work. Staff here made me feel like part of the studio. I received a great feedback on the brief I was working on here which gave me more chance to see what industries look for. It was very friendly atmosphere in the studio, working while having fun. At the end of the week I was given a one day competition brief, which I really enjoyed.


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