The importance of acquisition, conversion and retention tools

Posted on 27th March 2013 by Alice

These tools are vital for maintaining the customer journey selling your product or service.

Acquisition tools in digital campaigns begin the customer cycle getting visitors and web traffic to your website. These tools allow companies to advertise to a new audience that could potentially become new business and direct them to find your product or service. As these tools allow advertisers to geo target the money invested reaches the right audience.

Conversion tools prompt visitors to do something with the information they are being presented. These digital tools allow companies to have engagement with their visitors and have control on the content. The aim is to prompt the potential client to do the intended action, for example buy a product or get in touch. These tools are especially important to compete with other companies advertising similar products and services.

After the relationship has started with new business the final stage of the journey is to keep selling the product/service. Retention tools allow continuous contact with existing business to ensure your product or services are always on their radar and are especially important to handle large databases of contacts.

The ability of online tools available allow these stages to be structured and easily monitored to evaluate how your customers are currently engaging with the product / service. These tools include the following:

- Google PPC

- Directory listings

- Online vouchers

- Promotion videos

- Email marketing

Vivid ensure these steps of the customer journey are engaging for the right audience and with close analysing an acquiring customers converts into a returning customer.

For more information on these tools or to get in touch with Vivid to see what we can do for you don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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