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Posted on 16th November 2012 by Chris


When Vivid were tasked with producing a new piece of print for The People’s History Museum, we knew it had to be innovative and reflect the nature of the museum. The leaflet would be distributed across the region and should raise awareness of the museum and drive visitor numbers. It was an exciting challenge and we really wanted to create a leaflet that not only stood out from the crowd, but would truly showcase what the museum had to offer and in-turn entice people to come and find out more.

In an effort to get the maximum output from a limited space, all the key information such as gallery information, location, map, opening hours etc. was on the inner spread and back of the leaflet. The unique fold ensured that the leaflet stands taller than it’s neighbours, whilst integrating cleverly with the overall leaflet design – offering a sneak peak of what’s inside. Once fully opened out, you can get a real sense of what to expect at the museum itself. The spread displays a timeline of events (as featured in the museum) documenting key events in the hard fought journey to democracy. To breathe life into the leaflet, ‘scan points’ were added in – this meant that using existing audio and visual resources from the museum, smartphone users could scan the image which would come to life on their screen. As well as revealing the audio-visual content, users can then click through to the website. All of this is done through a branded ‘Aurasma’ app, ‘Scan to Discover’ which can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. The content can always be updated, which ensures that the leaflet is future-proofed.

Since the leaflet was launched in October, there have been over 160 downloads on iTunes and Google Play.

Download the app and give it a try for yourself! The image at the end will let you try it out from your monitor!

App Store here

Google Play here



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