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Posted on 14th November 2012 by Chris

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Every month I’ll be taking something from my learning and sharing it, this month I’ve been looking at the evolution of Digital Marketing through media platforms.

Having now started a CAM Digital Marketing course, I’m looking forward to how this will provide not only insights into digital technology but how these can be integrated into strategies and campaigns to improve branding awareness and of course increase in sales. Digital Marketing is now an essential to support brand advertising and awareness, which not only means the internet but extends to digital TV, radios and mobile phones.

The recent changes in digital TV with Hi Definition and 3D technology means marketers are now able to be more creative with their commercials and involve viewers. It has been researched that a total of 9.4 million Sky homes now have access to Hi Definition adverts and 22 million Freeview receivers. The increase in mobile phones and digital handsets now give marketers the opportunity to target those on the move. An incredible 63 million SMS are sent every day in the UK and 7.4 million internet users use their mobile phones. Traditionally radio was listened to through stereos but now the change in digital allows people to listen to radio through Freeview, the internet etc… This a media platform to target people throughout their day with a total of 70-80 million radio sets are in homes and 30 million radio sets in cars or vehicles. It was found that in March 2012 24% of radio listening hours were serviced over digital platforms.

Digital services give quick access to content updates and allow viewers to be more selective to subscribe and add favourites for what they want to see.

This is just a snap shot of where digital advertising can be displayed, taking everything away and starting with the platforms.

Much more to come but if you have any questions or want to find out more don’t hesitate to get in touch,

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