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Posted on 23rd November 2012 by Chris

Our American friends across the pond may have been enjoying a day off and a scrummy turkey dinner yesterday whilst the rest of us were slogging it out in work, but it did made us take a moment to realise what we’re thankful for….

Here at Vivid, we’ve had a super busy couple of months, and whilst we’re thankful for that in itself, it’s sometimes easy to forget when you’re up against it! Deadlines, late nights, writers block and creative meltdowns are all a staple in any creative office but the rewards are worth it. Everyone knows that sense of achievement at the end of a successful project, but what makes it all the sweeter is when your client is happy! So, this thanksgiving we are giving massive THANKS to our amazing clients.

This very week we’ve been humbled by some of those clients with their extremely kind words of appreciation. We love what we do and it means a lot when our clients love it just as much as we do. This week saw the completion of our Christmas TV ad, which we worked on for Marketing Manchester. We loved the finished product, and were overjoyed to receive an email from them telling us just how much they loved it too, it meant a lot to us that they took the time to thanks us for all our hard work – and for this we were truly thankful. We’ve also just completed production on a film on Minimum Pricing for Drinkwise, again after months of (proverbial) blood, sweat and tears, we were honoured when some thoughtful words of appreciation came through from the client. Similarly, as we near the close of an exciting season of projects with Mersey Ferries, we were all overjoyed to hear some encouraging customer feedback – everyone at Vivid and at Mersey Ferries worked tirelessly to create stunning successful campaigns and to hear that customers are responding positively is a great boost of morale for all.

Ok, we’re gushing a bit now we know – we’re blaming Friday delirium, all we really wanted to say was Thank You!

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