Posted on 24th October 2012 by Chris


Hello – Alice here, I’m Vivid’s newest recruit having joined a few weeks ago. I’ve come all the way from Belfast to Manchester to join Vivid, having previously worked in both PR and Digital Marketing in some fantastic Belfast agencies, across a broad spectrum of clients. I’m bringing my whole bag of tricks and expertise to Vivid, taking up residence as Project Manager across PR and Digital. Vivid have some really exciting clients and I hope to be able to bring new ideas and fresh thinking for our existing clients and offer added value to Vivid strategies. As a full-service agency, Vivid are in a unique position where we can craft and execute truly integrated campaigns for clients – this means we can ensure that each element of your campaign works perfectly with all the other elements, and makes life easier for everyone as well as making for much more successful campaigns.

In the few short weeks I’ve been here, I’ve learned quite quickly that there isn’t a dull day in Vivid! from having wildcard X-factor hopeful Chris Maloney singing on board the Mersey Ferry to a hoard of screaming fans, to filming for Drinkwise NorthWest with a paralympian gold medallist – no two days are quite the same here. It’s definitely been a case of hitting the ground running and I’ve been able to get my teeth into some great projects already, as well as working on some very exciting tenders!

The Vivid team are a super talented bunch, bursting with creative ideas and solid strategies and I’ve already learnt loads working with them – as well as having a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed not only my first weeks in Vivid but in Manchester! Living in a new city is exciting, and although it may take me a little longer to find my way around, it’s great to live somewhere that’s full of surprises and things to discover.

If you’d like to chat about anything digital or PR, or just say hello – don’t be shy, you can contact me here

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