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Client: Visit Guernsey

Projects: Brand & advertising strategy


To create a reinvigorated brand and tourism advertising strategy for Visit Guernsey.


Great Things Happen in Guernsey.


Pre TV research indicates a potential 289% uplift in enquires generating £231M income. More great victories to follow.


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Find us, Keep us

Find us, Keep us

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  • Content + Conversation

    Content + Conversation

    Media has always been social, long before Zuckerberg got his hands on it. And content is at the heart, we understand how to create great content that will start the right conversations both on and offline. From video to photography, copy to infographics, email marketing to blogging. From 140 characters and up we’ll get you talking!

  • Ideas Generation

    Ideas Generation

    Each brief is considered from three aspects by individual teams; how will people be aware of the activity, what actions or transactions will be made and where, why will it encourage advocacy. We then come back together and find the power idea.

  • Insights


    Insights are the cornerstone of creativity – from focus groups to google, workshops to conversation tracking, on the street to online panels, we explore them all. We invite clients and stakeholders to join us in a vividification session where we put prejudices and preconceptions aside, wear different hats and use sticky notes to our hearts content.

  • Our Focus

    Our Focus

    We know countries, regions, cities and audiences all have different priorities and issues, we will address all these factors to find best practice whilst working towards key priorities and delivering ROI.  Our award winning campaigns in; environment, health & social, sport, tourism & culture, place & infrastructure and retail; cross populate to keep getting better.

  • Strategy


    Lead where others follow or follow where others lead; each brand or campaign has a footprint. This defines who and where we are, where we want to be and how we are going to get there.  From segmentation to profiling and positioning to messaging – strategy comes first to make sure each of our clients make their mark.

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